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11:38 AM - Sat 9.11.21

From "The Void" To "The WInner's Circle"

I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but I really enjoy being right (In fact, I enjoy it so much, it's actually become a "bit" between me and Jane R. - She'll say, very slowly and meaningfully, "Jim...? You were right", about some inconsequential thing we'd recently talked about, while l kiss myself and stroke my face in self-satisfied delight).

But every so often, every once in a blue moon, it's wonderful to be wrong.

And this is one of those times.

Was very happy to have a little "wave" of auditions recently - In less than a week, I had a TV audition and two commercial auditions - then was even happier when one of the commercial auditions led to a callback (That was on Tuesday, at an actual casting office).

I felt like the callback went very well, a feeling that was borne out by my getting put on "avail" later that day (An "avail", which I sometimes refer to as a "callback-and-a-half", basically means you're "on the shortlist").

Now, "avails" are nice, cause maybe you got it, but they can also be nerve-wracking, cause maybe you didn't.

And after Weds, Thursday, and most of the day yesterday went by with no word, I assumed I hadn't booked it, that it was another, deeply frustrating, "close, but no cigar" scenario (Over the years, there have been lots of "no cigars", so many I started bitterly joking about "The Other Guy" as if it was just one actor who was always beating me out, an actor I might have to arrange to get "taken out").

But last night, my agent texted me to say, "The official email is coming, but just thought you'd like to know you booked the spot" (And he was right - I did like knowing that).

There's not a shoot date yet, but it's going to be sometime from the middle of next week, to early the following week (And before that, there'll be a fitting, and maybe a couple of COVID tests).

I am, as you might imagine, beyond pleased - Beyond all the normal reasons to be happy to book something (The money, getting to do a little acting, notching another "win" on my gunbelt, etc), it's a huge relief to finally book something during this "New Normal" of having to self-tape just about everything (And - till now - having nothing happen).

I'm not the most positive guy ever, so it's really hard for me to just bash at something forever with no result and keep telling myself "It's gonna happen..." (ex. I'm three years into trying to make Voiceover happen and...nothin').

But that said, it only takes one booking for me to then say, moving forward, "I know I can book this thing, because I've booked before...".

And now I have that booking.

Now I can tell myself, "My self-tapes aren't just "going into the void" - They can actually get me into the winner's circle!"

And on that note, while I could write more, this was the main thing.

And I do have other bits of work to accomplish (I have a Cameo that's going to be hard - they want me to "roast" the recipient, but gave me no information to roast him with - and I have one of those "into the void" voiceover auditions to do, that are often fun, but that haven't gotten me shit as of this writing).

Till next time...



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