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11:35 AM - SAT 04.22.23

A Whirlwind Of Events

Eleven-thirty and I'm finally up ("Fourth time's the charm", as they say).

But anyway...

Since I last wrote, the "offer" has come through for my gig.

And I have to say, I'm pretty happy.

I didn't watch the show before I started auditioning for it - I used to watch the original "back in the day" and knew it hadn't gone from a multi-camera sitcom to a gritty cable drama or anything like that - but once I booked the gig, I did watch a clip on YouTube.

And the "multi-cam sitcom" part got me thinking - "This probably shoots in front of an audience...". Which was worth thinking about, since it means the difference between working for a day versus working multiple days.

( With a"single camera", you're filming as you go. While with a multicamera, you're rehearsing through the week for the taping in front of an audience at the end.)

So the offer came in, and since the show does indeed shoot in front of a studio audience, I'm working for three days (Weds-Fri).

That's pretty cool because, in addition to more money, it'll be my first time doing anything in front of an audience I think since Two Broke Girls, many years ago now (One of my three episodes of Austin & Ally also shot in front of an audience. But off the top of my head, I forget which came first. In any case, the takeaway here is, it's been a while).

Also fun that it'll be my first time back on the Warner lot since Shameless (And did I mention they're going to feed me at least two of the three days I'll be there?).

As I think you've gathered by now, I'm looking forward to next week...


The next big event on the agenda will be going to Santa Fe - for basically a "long weekend" - to help Jane get out the "perks" from the IndiGoGo campaign.

I initially blanched a bit at the expense - with paying what I owed Jane for DocUtah and East Lansing, then paying for Berkeley Springs, that IndiGoGo money is draining away in a hurry - but it's gotta get done (I should probably put at least some effort into my own IndieGoGo campaign and not leave all the work for Jane).

But I always enjoy spending time with Jane, whether here or in Santa Fe.

And with a decent payday for next week, I'm a lot less "bunched-up" about the money.


After Santa Fe, there'll be the Marina Del Rey Film Festival, which I expect will be cheap, easy, and fun (That's...first week of June, I think...?)

(I also hope we'll get accepted for Burbank, because I suspect that will be even cheaper and easier...though at this juncture, I don't know that it'll be any more fun.)

We also have screenings in Philly and in Beaumont, TX, but we aren't attending those - For a hot minute, Jane thought she might go to Philly, but some unexpected personal expenses have made that feel cost-prohibitive.

So far, all the film-festivaling has been fun. But Jane's been through this all before, so I'm kind of "waiting for the other shoe to drop" and for us to hit a film festival that's a total dud.

Because, according to Jane, they're definitely out there.

But for now?

The phrase, "So far, so good" springs to mind.

My hope, moving forward, is that we get some film festivals that are more "buyer's markets" than the ones so far.

I guess time will tell on that front.


And somewhere in this whirlwind of events is my birthday.

I'm not expecting much fanfare this year, which is fine - I've hit the point where about the only up-sides to aging I can think of are senior discounts and my union pensions (And Medicare and Social Security, if the Republicans don't finally succeed in killing them just in time for the advent of my "golden years").

And writing about birthdays and aging and all that is making me think of Doctors appointments, health issues, and ongoing conversations about mortality with my friends.

But that can all wait...

(Till next time...)



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