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11:08 pm - Thurs 6/21/07
The Executioner's Song

The Executioner's Song

Good news to start this entry--The Passions gig was confirmed!

I'll be working from Tuesday through Thursday next week as the "executioner".

It's basically another "glorified extra" role (like my bit in the Propel spot), but it's a gig, it's money, it's another credit on the resume, and as I said to Kevin in an email earlier tonite, "If nothing else, it'll break up the routine a bit".

(Kind of confused about something--I read awhile back that Passions had been cancelled.
So what happened? Does anyone know?)

And remember how in my last entry I said I wanted both this gig and the commercial job I had a callback for yesterday?

Well, it's still probably not gonna happen, but I'm on "avail" for the commercial; unfortunately, according to the casting director, the spot they have me in mind for--they're doing a couple--is probably shooting during my "Passions" gig, on the 27th (The "avail" is "just in case" they move the shoot date). So I'm going to be happy I was "invited to the party", and let that be that.


I took a little break between the last thing I wrote and this--I watched some tv--and now that I'm "back at it", I can't for the life of me remember what else I wanted to write about...

Oh well...!


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