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5:18 pm - Thursday, Nov. 08, 2007
Playing \"The Face Lottery\"

Playing "The Face Lottery"

Just got home from a callback for Old Spice deodorant (For the part of "Umpire").

Thought I'd tanked the initial audition, so I was surprised to get the callback call from JS.

But that said, nothing magical happened at the callback, and I'd be very surprised if I actually booked it; it was, as I overheard an actor say at another commercial audition, basically a "face lottery".


Had a workout scheduled with Jennifer tomorrow (Jennifer is my trainer). But since I'm working at ArcLight till 2:00 a.m., which means getting home around 3:00 a.m. (And the workout was scheduled for 10:00 a.m.), I just called to reschedule for Monday.

So far, the working out is going well, but I'm concerned about my ability to self-motivate once my time with Jennifer is over (I have her basically through early next year; after that, unless I book some big commercial thing, I'd be concerned about the ongoing expense, particularly with a potentially uncertain year ahead).

My world is full of attractive Jennifers lately...

Last week, Jennifer E. called me from Lansing, which was a very nice surprise.

(She'd gone to Jane's house to pick something up, and going there made her think of me, so she gave me a call.)

We talked about this and that, and flirted a bit--For the record, I'm slated to be husband #3, should something happen to Jeff--and it was definitely a bright spot of the week.

I've had a crush on Jennifer E./M./J. for years, and I think, no matter what--even if I suspect we would never really work as a couple--I'm always going to pine for her a bit.

And then, of course, there was the party at Jennifer and Molly's last Saturday.

Jennifer C. (formerly Jennifer W.) had dyed her wedding dress black (Actually, it came out more chocolate) for her costume as the "Anti-Bride" (As new people would come into the party, her running bit--literally--would be to say "I...don't!", then hike up her skirt and run out of the room. It was pretty funny).

I think she was flattered when I said "I'm just going to say this once: Oh. My. God" (Though I actually said it again when I left). Cause man she looked hot.

(But this is the woman who, with no malice intended, told me I'd be great casting as a child-molester. So I'm guessing nothing's going to happen on that that front.)

(Crap, it's almost time for me to go to work...)

About two weeks ago, I had an audition I haven't written about in here, for a CBS show called Moonlight (About a vampire detective; one of the few new shows I actually haven't seen yet).

It was for the three-line co-star part of a "butler".

Now, I think I have a good range, but I'm just not the first person I'd think of for the role of "butler".

So I wasn't terribly shocked that I didn't get it.

That's something I wrestle with out here--Getting calls for things (Commercials or co-star things) where I read what I have to do, and it sparks absolutely nothing in me.

That's so different than when I was doing community theater in Lansing, where I only auditioned for shows if I had a visceral response to a given role.

Here, more often than not, not only do I not have that "visceral response" (Usually something like "I could really do something with this..."), sometimes I actually think "A lot of people could do this better than I can...".

Not the feeling you want to have.

But more on this later, cause I have to go to work...


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