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9:13 AM - Fri 8.21.20

"Fat Kermit" V "Even Fatter Kermit"

(Just messaged the operator of this website that there might be a problem with security: Someone texted me recently that they got a "security warning" window when they followed the link I posted to my journal - And as a result, they've stopped checking out my journal. Which, in my book, doesn't seem like a good outcome. I don't think it's a real problem - Russian hackers haven't invaded Diaryland or anything like that - but just a glitch in the Matrix. In any case, I've sent a communique to The Architect, and we'll see what happens.)

Well, in Shameless news, got an email from my agent, with an invitation to attend a "virtual table read" of the first episode Monday morning.

While I will miss the free food and drink involved in an actual table read (And the scripts they make available, so I don't have to make my own copy), not to mention seeing people face-to-face, I'm enthused to be "back at it".

And the script has a couple interesting, decidedly novel things for Kermit to do...which is all I can really say about that, since I don't want to blow the jokes.

(In the past, while I've not worried overmuch about what I say regarding the show - though I never want to "spoil" anything, of course - I've gotten on the radar of a couple of fan sites. And on at least one occasion, something that was merely speculation on my part went out into the "blogosphere" as if it were a fact, which seemed potentially..."not good" - I don't want John Wells having Kermit "return to his home planet" just because I shot my mouth off in here.)

(Trying to think if there's anything else that needs saying...)

While I've upped my exercise game a bit (Happily, in spite of hurting my left shoulder in the shower a while back, I've been able to return to my former "Bionic Bar" fitness-band routine with no ill effects so far), my food is still out-of-control.

And now, with Shameless, I have a pretty immediate goal, which is "to fit into last year's clothes" (To my horror, "comfortably fitting into size 40" pants" is now an aspiration when 36" is where I should be). I don't want to tell Wardrobe they have to prepare for "Fat Kermit"...or to be more accurate, "Even Fatter Kermit".

The larger/more important weight-loss/health goal is "getting my A1C back in the 'Normal' range" since I do not want to deal with Diabetes (Partly because I know me - If I let myself become full-blown Diabetic, I'm pretty much a dead man)

But I'm a month in, and I haven't moved the needle at all.

So the exercise is good - and I need it for my heart and stuff - but it's not enough.

I simply must control my near-constant eating.

(And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to log my breakfast on the WW app.)

Till next time...



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