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11:27 am - Sun 7/17/05
It Slices, It Dices...But Does It FAX?

It Slices, It Dices...But Does It Fax?

Fri 7/15/05 (3:12 p.m.)

Well, you know that audition I thought went well, but “nothing came of it”?

I got the callback after all.

It was yesterday; at the original audition, they said callbacks would be Tuesday, so I assumed my chance had come and gone (Though now, knowing what I know, I always hold out a slight bit of hope for something like this happening).

It was for Virgin Mobile, and if I'd gotten it, I would have been one of the “true believers” at a tent revival meeting, with “Brother Reggie” preaching the virtues of “Pay-As-You-Go”, or "Paygoism", as I think they were calling it.

When I read the premise, I thought “I could see how this might offend some people...”. Then I realized I didn’t care.

That was at noon.

I had another audition, for Genworth Financial, at 3:00. Nothing too interesting–I was brought in with another actor, and we had to pretend to be watching a tennis game–which is the kind of audition that often leaves me feeling depressed afterwards, since they feel like even more of a crapshoot than ones that involve some kind of acting.

But of course, if I actually book the gig, that "depressed feeling" will go away in a hurry...

I think this is at least mildly interesting: The Genworth Financial spot is the second commercial I’ve auditioned for starring Andre Agassi (The tennis game I pretended to be watching is between him and his wife Steffi Graff, in the imaginary country of "Farofflandistan", or something to that effect, where the rules of the game are a little...different).

A year or two ago, I auditioned for a commercial--I forget the product--where I would have been his next door neighbor.

Anyway, callbacks for that are supposed to be next Thursday and/or Friday.

I was disappointed not to get the Virgin spot--It seemed like fun--but I’d probably be better off getting the Genworth thing–Virgin was just cable (In all likelihood, because of the potentially offensive content), while Genworth was for cable and network.

(Cable spots don’t pay nearly as much as network, going back to the days of cable's infancy--SAG didn't see the writing on the television wall, let cable rates go for a song, and has never been able "to put the genie back in the bottle". So that being the case, the “Holy Grail” of commercials is a “network national”, the longer-running, the better; get one of those and it can be a life-changing event. Unfortunately, they're becoming harder to get than they used to be...and I doubt it was ever exactly “easy”.)


(4:30 p.m.)
Going in to work a little later than usual–the latest “Harry Potter” is available at 12:01 a.m., so schedules have been adjusted accordingly–and as a result, I got a lot of little chores done I might not have been able to “fit in” on an average day.

One “little chore” I didn’t “fit in” was setting up my new AIO, which was purchased at my friendly neighborhood Staples yesterday afternoon.

But more on this and other borderline-interesting developments later. Right now, it’s time to head off to the worksite, where I’m hoping to make it through another “Harry Potter” night.

Wish me luck...

Sat 7/16/05 (1:50 p.m.)

Well, “Harry Potter Night” kind of sucked, mostly because somehow, even though this is the sixth book in the series, and they’ve all been pretty successful thus far, Borders in general (And our store in particular) once again seemed caught off-guard by “Pottermania”. Can’t imagine how that can happen year after year after year, but somehow it does.

But it’s history now. And while management’s half-assed “organizing” of the event frustrated the staff–At least one to the point of tears (It wasn’t me, if you were wondering)–So far as I know, everyone who wanted the book got the book, there were no fatalities, and hopefully, this will be my last “Harry Potter Night” as a bookseller.

Well, I’ve made progress on the AIO–I cleared the area where it’s going to go, and got it out of the box–so I expect within the next couple weeks, I’ll have it plugged in, a couple weeks after that, I’ll have downloaded the software, and before the year’s out, I’ll have learned how to use it’s various and sundry functions.

But I’m feeling a little cranky right now, so if I don’t at least try to catch an extra “Z” or two, some customer this afternoon is gonna pay...

Sun 5/17/05 (11:40 a.m.)

Well, I'm a little ahead of schedule on the AIO: After I got home from work last night, I set it up, and downloaded the software.

So far, I've printed with it (Which was fine), and copied with it (Which was not quite as fine, I think due to "Operator Error"), but have not faxed or scanned with it.

I feel a bit overwhelmed at how complicated it is (For the record, I've never owned a fax machine, and have maybe sent three faxes in my life), but I guess that's what the "User's Guide" is for.

(I think I'm going to call the bookstore and get the fax # there. It'll be good practice for faxing them my resignation...)


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