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2:42 pm - Sat 9/27/03
\"Once More With Feeling\"/\"Lost In Translation\"

Once More With Feeling/Lost In Translation

Enjoying a couple of "potted meat food product" sandwiches as this entry begins (If you're wondering exactly what "potted meat food product" is, it's basically all the parts of the cow that decent folk don't normally eat, processed into a delicious paste. You spread it on some bread, stick a slice of pasteurized processed cheese food product in there, and you've got yourself some good eatin', my friend!).

A short time ago, I was listening to "Once More With Feeling", the soundtrack of the musical Buffy episode, as I attended to some bills.

As I wrote my checks to Mastercard and Visa and such, I started to cry. And unlike most other times I sit down to pay bills, I wasn't weeping over my cash-flow situation; seconds after the music started, I felt overwhelmed with emotion, and it only get worse (Or better, depending on your point of view), as the cd went on.

This wasn't "Boo-hoo, I feel so sad" sort-of-stuff, at least not entirely; I went from feeling self-pity ("I wish I'd been part of this..."), to...more self-pity ("This is reminding me of stuff I currently feel sad about..."), to...even more self-pity ("I've got a lot of generalized feeling that has no place to go these days...").

Quite an emotional range, huh? I guess it actually was kind of "Boo-hoo, I feel so sad" sort-of-stuff, just with interesting little categories and sub-headings.

Another artistic thing that "stirred me up" recently was seeing Lost In Translation on Thursday (I wanted to see it with Pat, but he couldn't work it out financially, and I just couldn't wait, so I saw it by myself).

Okay, got to get one thing out of the way right off--Scarlett Johansson has a really cute butt.

But more importantly, she is quite the exceptional young actress, who totally held her own with Bill Murray, who was, I thought, amazing.

I've become a huge Bill Murray fan. ButI have to be honest, I didn't really see it coming. I'd like to be able to say that I always knew he was going to be huge, even back during the Saturday Night Live days...but I didn't.

It's a very small, sweet, delicate film (But with some very funny scenes), that I thought could have "gone off the rails" at a number of points, but never did.

I'll probably come back to this later--I have to head off to work in a moment--but in a way, I'm afraid to oversell it, in the event that anyone who reads this actually takes my opinions seriously.

But I thought it was great. Go see it, then tell me what you think.

Have to go to work (At this point, I really wish I'd been able to sleep when I laid down around 11:00 this morning, cause I feel like death warmed over right about now...)


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