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10:36 AM - Tues 8.16.22

Film Festival Season Approaches

So what's going on...?

The top story at the moment is that Jane R. is back in town for the next couple weeks.As you have probably gathered, I like her a great deal, so life always seems better when she's around than when she's not.

And in Jane-related news, the film-festival thing is starting to happen - I'm happy to report that Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong has been accepted into the DocUtah film festival, happening the first week of November.

(We're also in at a few other places, but I'm precluded from discussing those until their official announcement dates.)

What makes the DocUtah acceptance particularly exciting is they seem quite enthused about the film - Not only have they accepted it, but they want to make a special "thing" of it, inviting mental health professionals and educators and the like (And if I understood the email Jane received from them, perhaps holding some Q&As specifically for those professionals - To "whatever extent Jim can be made available", or words to that effect).

(...and just took a break to talk to my Shameless buddy Mike M, who called last night while I was watching the last episode of Better Call Saul with Jane.)

With DocUtah, part of the excitement is just having someone who doesn't really know me or Jane, who has no particular bias going in, just watching the film as a film and saying "Yes".

Sadly, there have been a number of film festivals that have "just watched the film as a film" and said "No thanks".

But that doesn't necessarily mean they think our thing sucks - One place accepted just four percent of the films that were submitted, so you know there had to be some good films that nevertheless didn't make the cut.

(Like ours.)

I guess the places that say "No" offer to let you see their notes on/critiques of the film (Jane's passed on that offer thus far - I'd like to see them myself, but I get why she wouldn't - but I am hoping we'll at least get some audience feedback at the places that actually do show the film).

Today I'm going over to her place so we can start work on an IndieGoGo campaign.

Neither of us can really afford to get me to all the film festivals I should - and want to - attend, so we're hoping to appeal to the good wishes of our friends and well-wishers so I can at least hit the ones that matter most.

I'm mildly uncomfortable with the notion of hitting people up for money, but I'm more uncomfortable at laying out who-knows-how-much money for film festivals when there is currently no steady money coming in (And it would be very...unsatisying to have spent years waiting for the film to actually be a thing, only to have to sit out the whole film-festival experience).

Other than Jane, and the film, and Jane and the film, not too much has been happening.

I did do a fun little thing a week ago Saturday - I was contacted by someone I knew, asking if I wanted to participate in a "48 Hour Film Festival" (And since I'm working on saying "yes" more often - or at least not just saying "no" by default - I said "yes").

Shot my bit in a little photo studio in Culver City, and had a good time (They treated me very nice, picking me up, providing lunch, and Uber-ing me home. And the "icing on the cake" is that they paid me a more...significant amount of money than I was expecting).

It was nice to feel...respected (I might feel like a "nobody" at times - "The Biz" kind of invites you to feel that way about yourself - but to them, I was clearly a "get". And that was a nice change-of-pace. I wish more folks felt that way about me).

Well, I could probably come up with more to write about, but I've got to hop in the shower before I head over to Jane's (And I think I gave you all the news that's fit to transmit, in any case).

Till next time...



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