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5:06 pm - Weds 12.16.2009
A First Date

A First Date

Less than an hour from heading out for my first honest-to-God date since...well, since I don't remember when.

Tasha, who I met at a JS Reps karaoke outing last month, got into town about a week ago, emailing me on Saturday to let me know she was here (And asking if I wanted to do our thing on Tuesday or Wednesday).

So tonight we're going to the French Market, a restaurant I like in West Hollywood.

We spoke on the phone Saturday afternoon, and I suggested the standard "dinner and a movie" outing - because I like movies, for one thing, but more importantly, because I wanted to "limit my exposure" (I think the "talking time" on a date should have a cut-off point - If things aren't going well, at least you know it'll be over soon, and if they are going well, you can "leave 'em wanting more/"get out while the gettin's good" - but she said, "You can't really talk at a movie...", almost as if she was on to my devious plot).

So anyway, we're eating and talking, which should be fine - I've eaten and talked before, and I'm pretty good at it - and between my own common-sense and the wisdom of various female consultants I've been working with in the past few days, I expect I'll carry this off, however long it's been, without making too big a fool of myself.

Speaking of my "female consultants", Lynn K (Subbing for Miriam, the regular Leader at my Wednesday WW meetings), vetoed what I'd planned to wear tonight (Basically, what I was wearing when she talked to me - black pants and a blue-grey long sleeved shirt).

So I'm wearing, instead, jeans, a black polo shirt, and a denim jacket.

It feels a little "counter-intuitive" - Shouldn't you "dress up" for a date? - but Lynn's point was well-taken ("It's a date, not a job-interview").

(Almost time to go...)

I'm nervous, but frankly, not as much as I'd expect to be, under the circumstances (Though I'm prepared for it to hit me in a wave when I get there).

A couple people have told me this, and I think so too - If I go in with the notion to just "have fun" (Without putting anything else on it), I'll be fine.

Off I go (We're meeting there) - Wish me luck!


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