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2:29 am - Fri 7.04.2008
The Fiscal Follies

The Fiscal Follies

It's been a pretty nothing week so far - no auditions, no movies, no socializing, etc. - but it's about to get downright "Pat-tastic"; this evening I'm having dinner with my friend Pat at Carney's (where I'm hoping there'll be something on the menu I can eat), then seeing the new Hunter S. Thompson documentary at the Laemmle Sunset 5.

And tomorrow, we're going to someplace near Irvine (Where I went for harmonica "Jam Camp" last year) for a "Hootenanny" of a half-dozen or so alt-country acts, none of whom I've ever heard of, playing from noon on (I didn't know "alt-country" was still a thriving sub-genre, but apparently, it is; for the record, my musical knowledge stops, with few exceptions, around 1980 or so).

By virtue of his status as an LA Weekly staff writer, Pat's getting VIP comps for the affair. So happily, beyond kicking in for gas, and buying myself something to eat at some point, it shouldn't be an expensive "date".

(Maybe there'll be some free food backstage. That would be nice...)

Money is starting to become something of an object; I'm not in imminent danger of homelessness or anything, but there's just no money coming in, and I don't know exactly when there will be.

I did finally got a check from Vicki yesterday, for that little "Off-Hollywood" movie, for just a tad over $200 (I got a couple rolls of quarters, gave myself a little "walking around money" for the weekend, and put $150 in my checking account).

I also got a notice from the State of California yesterday, saying that I owe them another $58.62 in taxes

I found that...confusing, since a couple months ago, they sent me a refund check - for $156, I believe it was - saying I had over-paid them.

I'm going to call them on Monday and politely say "WTF?" - "Which is it, boys? Did I over-pay or under-pay? If I get a vote in the matter, I vote for 'over'" - but I imagine I'm going to just end up grinning and bearing it.

I also received the form I'll need in order to roll my ArcLight 401K (I don't even know how much I have in it) over into my IRA.

With the stock market the way it is, and the economy looking like it's going to be in the dumper for the foreseeable future, I'm troubled at the idea of a rollover right now, but there's not much else to do, I don't think.


Starting to fade here, and I'm not finding myself terribly interesting right now anyway, so it's off to bed I go.



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