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2:08 pm - Wed 8/28/02
Writing on the fly

Writing on the fly

Haven't given myself time to do a real entry, so I'm going to just try and move quickly, and catch a couple things on the fly...

In "When One Door Closes, Another Opens" News, I got a message on my voicemail while I was at work yesterday, from the Hollywood Fight Club Theater (I know--What's up with that name?), inviting me to audition for "John" in Baby With The Bathwater.

That's all I know right now--I'm still playing phone tag with the guy that called me--but already I'm encouraged (It's the only place that's ever returned a call, to say they'd already cast the show I'd submitted for, but my headshot was "on file". And apparently, it really was!).

The timing on this could hardly be better. It would be a real confidence-booster if I could get in this show, and have it be the experience I've been craving. I'd love it if the universe worked with me on this one!

Tomorrow is the day I'm going with Cary and Kay to the Everybody Loves Raymond taping. We haven't really worked out the details yet, but last time I talked to Cary, we had planned to meet up in North Hollywood, go to lunch, then get the tickets from there (That part might end up being kind of tedious--I guess you can wait hours in line for this sort of thing--but I'm still happy that I'll be getting to spend the day with C & K).

The visit by the Grand Poobah of Borders went off fine yesterday (It was her, and a gang of other regional high mucky-mucks). It was basically winding down as I came in, and it didn't really mean anything to me (It wasn't as if anyone was going to ask my opinion about operations).

That said, I find this sort of thing somewhat...what's the word? Offensive? Troubling? Odiferous?

It's just so much bullshit, is all. If the President of Borders Inc. really wanted to see how things worked, she'd just pop in unannounced. But the way this went was management was crazed for the past week, overtime hours were offered for the first time in I don't know how long, people came in and worked overnights, and all to create a lie; This store can absolutely, categorically not look the way it did yesterday with the normal level of staff and hours. And to suggest otherwise might make management look good, it might make stockholders happy, but it doesn't do me a damn bit of good.

(I like Borders as a place where I work with nice people, that offers a product I like, on the whole. But the corporate part...well, let's just say that in recent days, it's struck me, and struck me hard, that I am not a "corporate animal".)


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