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4:28 pm - Friday, Nov. 30, 2007
Sealing The Frakkin' DEAL

Sealing The Frakkin' Deal

Gonna do just a quick one here...

I often cry (To myself, if not in here)about not getting enough auditions to suit me.

But since I had two tv auditions last week, two commercial auditions this week, and just got a call for another commercial audition on Monday, it seems I'm getting my wish (i.e. enough auditions to reasonably expect to book at least one of them).

Now I just have to seal the frakkin' deal.


After "Jam Camp" back in October, in the glow of good feeling and what-not (And wanting to be prepared to start "jamming"), I ordered a bunch of harmonicas (A-flat, D-flat, E-flat, and F-sharp) and harmonica-related merchandise (A Shure "Green Bullet" harmonica mike, and a new carrying case to hold my old harps, my chromatic, and my new mic)from Guitar

The stuff took forever to get to me; I got the "Green Bullet" first, even though that was the thing they told me was "on order", then the case and harmonicas.

And when I got the was locked.

With the keys inside.

After calling, and waiting over two weeks to get a key, I called again, and was told a key had been sent out.

I got that key yesterday, tried it on my case...and it doesn't work.

So I called them again today, described the case to the guy, told him where it was on the website, and he said he'd tell the "lost parts" guy, and have them send me a couple different keys to try.

But this guy - think his name was "Ryan" - did something no one else has done during this entire ordeal; he apologized, and made his apology tangible by giving me a $20 credit "for all the trouble".

That's good customer service. And a smart move - I'm not exactly mollified at this point (Check back when I've gotten the keys, and one of them fits the lock), but now I'll definitely give Guitar one more try...before doing all my future online harmonica shopping at Elderly


This was fun - Yesterday, a girl in my apartment building I've never seen before recognized me from Gilmore Girls (She'd just bought the final season box set).

I like when that happens. And I think I'll like it even more when I'm a more meaningful part of the proceedings.

But for now, I'd better "proceed" on out of here...


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