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1:14 am - Saturday, Sept. 14, 2002
Considering the date, I guess things could have gone a lot WORSE

Considering The Date, I Guess Things Could Have Gone A Lot Worse...

(The following is my account to Jane of how my Friday the 13th went...)

Well, I did manage to get those headshots out today (Well, I got close; They're out at the mailbox right now) . It was a little more involved than I'd anticipated--My printer was printing pretty badly, so I had to get white-out to touch the cover letters up, then go get them copied at a copy place down the street--but they're done.

And I feel pretty excited about the possibilities inherent in each headshot; The Santa Clarita theater is a ways away, but at this point, if they wanted me to do something, I'd figure out a way to make it happen.

And while there aren't any guarantees about the agent thing, this is probably as close as I've come to an "in" with an agency. And I feel like it would be a huge step in the right direction.

(A little known fact about me is that, while I am easily depressed and frustrated, it also takes very little to make me feel hopeful again.)

I wimped out and ended up going to the bike shop, to have the front brake checked on my bike (I was just afraid I was going to screw things up worse, and end up at the bikeshop anyway).. And it was such an easy fix, the guy didn't even take it into the back; He just adjusted the "quick release" front wheel, turned a very small screw on the brake a couple times, and life was good (It was one of those times you feel both grateful for the help, and stupid that you couldn't figure it out yourself!).

So I got those headshots out, and I got my bike fixed. That was the good part of the day (Though that part of the day was also the time when I was feeling like I was going to burst into tears at any second. I don't know why).

Then things took something of a "Friday the Thirteenth", bad-luck turn...

In mid-afternoon, as I was about to head out to the movies, I looked down at my bike...and my lock wasn't there.

At first, I couldn't remember where I'd locked up my bike, but then it hit me; On the way to the bike shop, I stopped at one of the discount places on third street, to buy deodorant and white-out.

And I'm embarrassed to admit this, but the reason I am now without my expensive lock is that I got distracted by my need to immediately apply the deodorant as I stood there on 3rd street (It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I'm wondering who I felt the need to smell nice for...). I'd unlocked the bike, applied the deodorant, put the deodorant and white-out in my backpack, then rode away, leaving my lock on the ground (I went back to the spot later--because why would anyone want to steal a bike lock that has no key?--but it was gone).

I bought a cheap bike lock at that same discount store, thinking I was going to go to my movie anyway, but between my paranoia and the $15-20 I'd just allowed to disappear, the movies suddenly didn't seem like a good idea.

I did enjoy some of the fine cuisine at Jack In The Box, while I read today's USA Today (Very saddened by the news that Singer-Songwriter Warren Zevon has terminal cancer; It's not like we're best buds or anything, but he's a regular at the bookstore, so I feel like I sort of "know" him).

Then I went home, thinking that since I have to work tomorrow morning, for the first time in many months, I'd better get my laundry and grocery shopping done this evening.

But when I went down to the laundry room, there was water everywhere, and a sign saying the laundry room is closed for the day (A pump is broken).

(The closest thing I have to clean pants are the pants I wore today, so I've spent the evening in my undies, to preserve the freshness of said pants.)

And getting groceries today, I sustained my first-ever "grocery-related injury"...

They didn't have the paper handle bags (How the hell does a major grocery store run out of paper bags, I ask you?). So I ended up walking home with about eight plastic bags, and the further I walked, the more those bags dug into my fingers like piano wire (I had two large bags of cat litter and food, because I had to take advantage of a $9 rebate on pet crap I'd earned with my Ralphs card).

Halfway to my apartment, I felt this sudden pain in my right hand, to the extent I thought I'd had some sort of "vascular episode". I got home, and put my stuff away, but noticed that my right index finger was numb.

I'd hoped it was just a temporary loss of circulation, but many hours later, it's still numb. So now I'm wondering--1) Am I going to regain sensation in my right index finger, and 2) If I don't, does it really matter?

(I'm also wondering if there's a lawsuit here somewhere...)

So that's the story of my Friday...


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