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10:32 am - Sat 3/01/03
Notes from the front

Notes From The Front

Another quick entry from the internet cafe...

In big news at work, Kyle is pregnant!

She'd been AWOL from work for the past week, and I was starting to wonder what the story was, and I found out from Brad W. yesterday; She'd found out she was pregnant, and had basically taken to her bed, not calling in and not responding to calls.

(Talking to John O., he said this was "happy news"--"She's all 'Papa Don't Preach', planning to keep the baby", he said--but it's hard for me to see how hearing "happy news" causes you to immediately take to bed and be incommunicado. I don't think you put your job at risk out of unrestrained joy. But anyway...)

Seems like rough news to me. Last time we talked, she was talking about going back to school, and her future with Nick, and all that, but now...Nicks a good guy and all, but this is a pretty big strain on a relationship that's only something like two months old.

In "Jim News", I auditioned for a play yesterday, a Tennessee Williams thing called The Chalky White Substance.

I did a monologue--the one from Other People's Money--and then read a scene from the play with another actor.

I wasn't exactly dazzled by what I was reading, to the point where I found myself wondering, "Do I actually want to get this...?". But in any case, I went out and auditioned for something, so good for me.

And my time is almost out at the internet cafe, so I must fly...


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