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12:31 pm - Sun 6/19/05
My \"Full-Bodied\" Week

My "Full-Bodied" Week

Tues 6/14/05 (8:40 a.m.)

I got home from an audition yesterday–which seemed to go well–and heard the jury was in on the Michael Jackson case

I hadn’t been following the Jackson trial that closely, but had read enough about it to know that, by and large, it wasn’t going the prosecution’s way. So I wasn’t shocked at the verdict, but I felt let down nevertheless–The defense case may have been flimsy, and the prosecution may have been very effective, planting so much “reasonable doubt” that the jury had no choice but to vote the way they did, but my gut reaction to the verdict is that a serial pedophile has gone free.

My hope after something like this is that Jackson will somehow have “learned his lesson”--Even if he didn’t get convicted, this can’t have been much fun to go through–but I have my doubts. This is a guy who’s had to buy his way out of trouble at least twice before (with multimillion dollar settlements), a guy who told an international tv audience that he invites children into his bed and thinks “it’s a beautiful thing”. And now, after this latest business, he may just think he’s “bulletproof”.

And who knows? Maybe he is.

Unfortunately, even if he isn’t, I don’t think he’s going to be able to stop himself. He’s a pedophile, after all.

You can only hope that, at the very least, people will stop pimping out their children to him.


My audition yesterday was fun.

It was for Old Spice (In particular, for some new “body spray” they’re coming out with).

I played the doorman of an apartment building, greeting people who are going off to work as “Body Spray Guy” is just coming in, I assume from a night of hot sex (Because after all, he’s “Body Spray Guy”). As he enters, a sexy woman who’s leaving does a “180 and follows him back into the building, as I say “Welcome back, Miss Keaton...”.

I was happy to be there, the guys in the room were very nice, and I had the chance to do three or four takes, so I felt as if I’d gotten a decent shot at the thing. All in all, a very good experience.

Afterwards, I had to “talk myself down” from over-exuberance; I have the bad habit, if I haven’t had an audition in a couple weeks (And my last audition was three weeks ago), of somehow thinking this audition is somehow more significant, when really, it’s just one more audition, and I’m no more likely to book this one than the last one, or the one before that.

(A reminder, for people who are reading this and thinking “What a bad attitude...”: I do, of course, think I’m going to book things in the future. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing this. But I’ve had somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 commercial auditions at this point, and booked...I don’t know, maybe a dozen gigs. So assuming I’m going to book every audition I feel good about would be downright silly, and put me on more of an emotional roller-coaster than I already am.)

Fri 6/17/05 (11:19 a.m.)

Well, it has been one crazy week...!


In addition to the Old Spice audition, I had my second go at that acting group I first checked out last Friday.

I went back with Logan, and this time actually performed some acting-related activity–There were two of us who were new to the group, so instead of formally “auditioning” us, John E. (The director) had us read a number of smaller parts in the play they’re working on, Comic Potential (They’re actually past the “read-thru” stage, but he said it couldn’t hurt to go through the whole play again, and everyone seemed fine with that. They didn’t have enough actors there for all the parts anyway).

What struck me afterwards was not how much fun it was–even though it was fun–but how normal it felt. There I was, reading a play with a group of actors, like I’ve done many, many times before (Though not for the past number of years), having all the same feelings–Eager to make a good impression, impressed with some actors, not so impressed with others, bored at some points, involved at others, flipping ahead impatiently in my script to see where I’d come in next, scared I’d fall on my face with the next character I’d be asked to read–and it just felt really...comfortable.

I felt confident I was making a good impression (Mike, the other “new guy”, was really good as well), and turned out I was–At the end, I was “in”; John asked me to get a copy of the play, and was planning on plugging me into the Monday night thing (The group works on this play on Mondays. A different play gets worked on by other members of the group on Wednesdays. Friday is “open” to whoever comes in with something they want to work on, and the other days are for “showcases”).

When I broke my schedule down for them (I normally work Monday nights, but have Wednesdays and Thursdays off), they actually started talking about doing part of the play on Mondays, and “my” part of things on Thursday (After whatever “showcase” is going on has ended), and “putting them together” at some later point.

Even if that doesn’t happen-and I’m not sure I’d want it to, because that’s committing to spending another $100-120 a month (In addition to whatever “showcases” I wanted to attend)- I was really happy, and flattered, that it was being talked about (John just couldn’t decide to do that unilaterally, but needed to take it up with the other actors involved).

So we’ll see. I haven’t heard back from John E., or Logan, or whoever, so I assume it’s not gonna happen. Which, as I said before, is kind of okay–I do want to get into regular acting study at some point, but right now, I’m seeing this group primarily as a way of getting seen by agents and casting directors. That seems like the biggest “bang” for my non-existent buck at the present time.


I had an audition for Chase (Bank? Credit Cards? Financial Services? I didn’t actually know–They just said “Chase”).

A pretty fun spot, centered around “The Moocher” at a hospital.

In one vignette, he asks a guy in the bed next to him, who’s getting an IV, “Are you gonna finish that...?”, while in another, he asks for a hit off an old geezer’s oxygen tank, and in a third, he tries to squeeze in with a woman on an MRI.

I was going in for “The Moocher”, and I felt like it went very well. The way they did it was have two actors at a time go in, do the vignettes, and then switch roles. And I got a very good response, both as “The Moocher”, and as they guy being mooched from.

I left feeling like it had gone about as good as these things ever go.


Let me preface this part of my entry by saying this: I never “switch shifts” with people at the bookstore, or even just take someone’s shift outright on one of my normal days off.

The reason for that is that I’m afraid I’d book an audition that day and screw everyone up.

But Anna had worked for me a week ago Friday, when I first went to the Actors Co-op with Logan. And even though it wasn’t my understanding of our “arrangement” (I assumed she was taking the shift, and I was just going to take a personal day), when she developed a conflict and couldn’t work her shift Wednesday, she played the “But-I-Worked-For-You” card, and emotionally blackmailed me into working her 12:00-8:00 shift.

By Tuesday night, when I hadn’t gotten any audition calls, I thought I was free and clear (It always feels weird when I don’t want to get a call from JS). I was hoping for callbacks from Old Spice or Chase...but just not on Wednesday.

But less than an hour before I had to start getting ready for work that day, I checked my voicemail...and there was a call from JS.: I had a callback for the Chase spot in Santa Monica, at 3:45 (Not quite “smack in the middle” of my workday, but pretty damned close).

After cursing myself for my weakness (For letting Anna coerce me into taking her shift), I called JS to confirm the audition. Then I called work, and fortunately, spoke to Joe: He redid the schedule so I had a two hour break in between (Instead of just the normal one-hour meal break), so now I had at least a shot at getting back and forth without getting an “occurrence”.

But it wasn’t to be–I was actually early to the callback, but it was a good 40 minutes after my appointment time before I finally got seen. And that put me smack-dab in the middle of rush-hour on the 10 when I was trying to get back to the bookstore.

I was 35 minutes late, which is a full “occurrence” (The rule is this: You get six minutes after the hour with no penalty. After six minutes, up to a half-hour, it’s a “half-occurrence”. After that, from 31 minutes to skipping your shift altogether, it’s a full “occurrence”).

So basically, I’m never going to work anyone’s shift again, for the remainder of my time at Borders.

Anyway, I checked my voice mail on and off the rest of the evening at the bookstore, to see if I’d booked the gig. And when no call was forthcoming, I assumed it was going to be, once again, “close, but no cigar”.

But when I got home from work, there was an email from JS–I was on “Avail” for the gig. Still no “cigar”, but very “close”.


Was my loan signing seminar, at the Wilshire Radisson Hotel, maybe five or six blocks from my apartment.

I was nervous about it initially–I was afraid that without being able to take a nap, I was going to be overwhelmed by fatigue and the crushing boredom of it all (“Fatigue” and “Boredom” often work in concert to make my life suck).

But it really wasn’t a problem. I felt like shit, like I usually do, but no worse than I usually do. And I was invested enough in learning this stuff that I didn’t have any problem keeping awake.

(My sense of the job is that it’s not “rocket science”, by any stretch. Just a lot of little things to remember–It’s a “process”, and once you learn it, you’re pretty much good to go, notwithstanding the occasional “bump in the road”.)

In the morning, I was excited when I got a voicemail from JS, but it was just them double-checking my availability (You have to call and confirm when you have an “avail” and I’d forgotten to do that).

There was a morning session, then an hour lunch, then an afternoon session.

About an hour after lunch, into the afternoon session, another earthquake hit (The first thing I noticed were the two large chandeliers starting to sway back and forth).

Just like me during the previous earthquake–which hit while I was in my apartment, writing a journal entry--I saw a number of people get up, as if to flee the building or get under a doorway or do whatever you’re supposed to do, then sit down when they realized it wasn’t going to be “The Big One”.

The female speaker for the afternoon, who’s from Minnesota, was moderately rattled by the experience, so we had a 10 minute break while she composed herself, then went on.

And in the afternoon, I got the confirming voice-mail: I’d booked for Chase!

I called JS back to confirm, and they told me the production company would be calling me later for my call time and directions.

So then I called the bookstore. Since I didn’t really know anything at that point, it was just kind of a “head’s up” courtesy (I said I’d call back when I knew more, but it was looking “iffy” that I’d be able to work my shift the next day).

I got the call from the production company that evening–I had a 7:30 a.m. call the next day, at St Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach–and called the bookstore again, saying it was possible that I’d be late for my shift, but be able to work some part of it.

(Well, I knew this was going to be an epic entry, but this is getting ridiculous...I think I’m going to stop here, and start my next entry with Friday’s gig.)


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