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12:23 pm - Thurs 2.26.2009
Full and \"Full Enough\"

Full And "Full Enough"

Today is not going to be as full as yesterday - two Weight Watchers meetings, therapy with Javier, then the second part of my ACG workshop with Jeffrey Gafner - but I think it's going to be full enough,.

Earlier, I did a couple loads of laundry (Since the only pair of pants I have that are kinda/sorta right for today's audition are the one I wore yesterday), socialized a bit online, and did a few little chores (Wrote a check to Brett for some commissions I owe him, and did a balance transfer from my online savings account to my checking account - while I still have some "balance" to transfer...!).

Just finished having lunch (A V8, a chicken sandwich, and a Healthy Choice ice cream sandwich), and now I'm trying to sneak this in, while at the same time giving myself enough time for a nap, before heading to this afternoon's audition for The Mentalist (Two lines as a "CSI" guy).

After that, depending on the time, I may be heading directly to my regular Thursday night WW meeting (I hope not - I'd rather bike there than drive. Though biking is starting to take a physical toll you'll hear more about down the road - but one does what one must).

(...and I just remembered to set my DVR to record "my stories" this evening - while I still have a DVR!)

Happy about today, as you might imagine; even though a commercial would be better for me right now, in purely financial terms, this is what I came out here to do...or is at least in the general neighborhood of "what I came out here to do".

The one bitch about today, and the economics of it, is that if I book the gig (which is very possible), I'll have to immediately skip down to SAG and pay the back dues I owe, to the tune of something like $550 (Which means another bill on a credit card - D'oh! - while it'll be weeks before I see the shooting fee).

Speaking of "expenses", I recently applied for food stamps (I'm going to call them that, even though I guess now they give you some kind of "debit card"), and it looks like I'll probably get them.

For some reason, applying for food stamps hadn't even crossed my mind (I don't think it's because I'm so proud - I'm not - but because I've actually applied before, years back, and was turned down).

Lynn K. actually suggested it, and I think would have drove me there if she'd had the time - she was pretty insistent.

So I went this past Friday afternoon, but didn't have everything I needed, so had to go back on Tuesday.

Whatever they do for me, it'll be a big help - Groceries are my biggest monthly expense (After rent) - and hopefully, will help "see me through" until some acting stuff happens, or I figure out how to make more $$$ from Weight Watchers, or C) Some other thing happens I haven't thought of yet (I mean in a positive vein; I've pretty much got all the negative scenarios covered by now).

I've emailed Sherry G - the big WW boss - twice; first to ask about Leader possibilities, then to just throw my hat in the ring for more meetings (Should they come up).

I'm also considering getting rid of cable altogether , selling plasma, and/or seeing if there's a recycling place near enough to where I live to make schlepping my cans and bottles there worthwhile.

I'm also looking, for the first time, at my IRA, wondering if I can convert that to some cash.

(I know - It's not a good idea, and they'll zap the hell out of me with taxes and penalties - but what can I do? It's the closest thing I have right now to an asset I can turn into rent money.)

And while I don't feel terribly hopeful - and it's frankly not something I want to do - I haven't completely given up hope on finding some place a little cheaper to live (Kind of a "back burner" thing, but I do keep periodically looking).

But the time has come for me to take to bed, cause I woke up early today (Why do I keep doing that?), and once I leave the house, my day isn't going to end till around 9:00 p.m.

Anyway, wish me luck - This really would be a nice emotional boost for me, in addition to all the other nice things that come with a booking (A credit, a check, etc).


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