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9:16 am - Weds 3/7/07
Auditions and Furnishings

Auditions and Furnishings

Well, I didn't get the Jiffy Lube gig.

I'm a little bummed, cause it would have easy and lucrative and fun, but c'est la vie.

There'll be other auditions...

"There'll be other auditions" today, as a matter of fact; in about an hour-and-a-half, I have one in Santa Monica for Verizon (As an unlikely-looking rock climber).

I like it when I have an audition, or better yet, a series of auditions, right after missing out on something I wanted to book. Because it's never good when I have time to dwell on things--I don't dwell well.


Met the new apartment manager yesterday.

His name is Grant. He's a young, white, somewhat portly guy, with dirty-blonde hair and wire-rim glasses.

My "first impression"? I'll probably be able to work with him.


I ended up with a few things George and Yvette left behind in their move.

The most notable bit of detritus I picked up was a black "entertainment center" (Nice, though it makes my tv look a little sad, since it was meant for a tv about twice the size. But the price was right, and it definitely looks better than what I had going on before (I think it's going to end up being a better use of the space as well).

But time has gotten away from me here. I'll have to continue this fascinating discussion about auditions and furnishings later, cause now I have to go book this commercial (I just said I don't have to worry about money right now, so the issue becomes pushing the time "I don't have to worry about money" further and further into the future).

See ya...


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