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12:00 PM - 07.31.23

Getting To The Getty

(Not giving myself much time to do this...but on the other hand, I don't really have to get this done in one go, so who cares? Anyway...)

Jane has been in town since Thursday, which has been lovely.

She's not sure when she'll head back to Santa Fe but seems to be thinking two weeks. Which in other circumstances might make me start bemoaning her imminent departure while she's still here - I tend to do that - but happily, at least so far, I'm just enjoying having her around.

We've had dinner at House of Pies, hung out at the Grove, done a Blick run (Where I was happy I limited myself to a fistful of pens I didn't really need), and yesterday, went to the Getty Museum with Cary and Kay.

The Getty was great. It's only the third time I've been there since I've lived in LA - I've had it in my head that getting there is a pain-in-the-ass, but it took me all of a half-hour yesterday without even going on the freeway - but I have to say, it's one of the nicest places I've been in my time here. I've said before that it makes me happy just being there, and it's true - The space itself, the views of the city, and of course, the just feels good.

That said, I was glad we had lunch while we were there - Not just because I like food (And the food was good), but because it gave us a chance to chat. Since we weren't walking around in unison, enjoying the art, lunch made it a perfect mix of social activity, while still getting to pursue our own interests (ex. I took a lot of pictures of faces for later use).

(Or as Jane said, "It was like we had two dates with them".)

The other nice thing that's happened/is happening since I last wrote is I had a commercial audition on Thursday, and I have another one this afternoon.

Neither one provides me an opportunity to do much, but I've said before that looking for commercials to "scratch my acting itch" is a little silly. And under the current circumstances - speaking of which, I'm picketing with Josh at Netflix tomorrow - the big deal here is getting the opportunity to make some I hope I end up booking one of these things and making some money!

(It's almost time for me to start getting ready for GenSpace and drawing class...)

One reason I think I'm more even-keeled than usual about Jane only being here a short time is that, with the Albuquerque film festival coming up at the end of September, I know I'll see her again before too long. While it's concerning to be so dependent on her for a mental health boost, it is what it is.

Which does make me worry about a future where she can't come out on a regular basis like she has been the past couple years.

But that's a subject for another entry.

Till next time...



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