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9:46 PM - Tues 3.31.21

Getting Shot

Well, feels like it's taken forever-and-a-day - Till now, I wasn't old enough, sick enough, or essential enough to even be in the queue here in LA - but I finally have an appointment for the first of my two COVID-19 vaccinations!

Got the news while headed back from the credit union, to deposit my last Shameless check.

From my casual following of other people's vaccine journeys, there - at least initially - seemed a lot of confusion about how to get a vaccine appointment, even after you were eligible.

So I was thinking I'd get a notice just saying, "Okay, you're eligible now - Good luck!".

But happily, that was not the case - There was a link in the email, I answered a few questions, and that was that.

(I had to "check myself" when getting to a drop-down menu asking where I'd like to get my shot - I was annoyed when Santa Monica was the closest location available - but since I've wondered when "my turn" would come from the moment the vaccine became available, and I'm not exactly "on a schedule" these days, the "checking" was not a terribly long or involved process.)

Was talking about this with Jane R. earlier tonight, idly wondering how this would actually change much of anything, I guess coming down from my "appointment high" - I don't have anywhere or anything to "get back to", she's the only person I come into close contact with on a regular basis (And we've never masked or observed social distance when we've been together), and the closest thing to a "risk" I've taken with COVID-19, working on Shameless, is now a moot point.

But still, it will feel good to have gotten it done.

And while I don't expect to be running to concert venues or sporting events anytime soon, I do kinda miss seeing movies in a theater (And when Jane gets back into town, we have talked about going to the Getty and/or to LACMA).

And there's the matter of my upcoming birthday, which I'm hoping to do with Jane and a few friends. And the Shameless wrap party in the fall.

And speaking of Jane and the documentary, though I don't think we know exactly what "the film-festival circuit" looks like now, if there's going to be anything happening that isn't "virtual", I'll definitely want to be sporting some COVID protection (And I do hope, once the film starts making-the-rounds, that it isn't all just "Zoom" this and "Skype" that - I want to have an actual "film-festival experience").

But maybe most importantly, is "The Biz" - Again, I have no idea what "The New Normal" is going to be regarding auditions (Though I imagine, to some extent, that "self-tapes" are here to stay), but if I'm ever going to "get in the room" again, a place I would dearly love to be, it's only going to be because I've had all my shots.

So...good thing I'm getting my shots (Though speaking of shots, this is gonna push off my 2nd Shingles vaccination, which I was gonna get tomorrow morning - I had a visit to my PCP scheduled before getting the news today. C'est la vie...! I'm not going to be barred from any auditions because I don't have both my Shingles shots).

And on that note, I could write more, but for whatever reason, I want to leave it there (What can I say? I'm experimenting with making these entries "pithier").

Till next time...



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