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1:53 pm - Fri 8/11/06
D-land Glitchiness

D-land Glitchiness

(Of course, when all I want to do is post an entry and take a nap before work, Diaryland decides to make it like bicycling up a fucking mountain...)

The entry I just posted wouldn't post, then posted only part of the entry.


The "Showing My Ass" stuff refers to the fact that I did an online application for Borders last night.

On the application, they had a 37-page "personality profile" that I absolutely hated doing.


I don't want to be reduced to a "profile". I don't want to have to psychologically drop my pants for a fucking job that a trained chimp could do.

But I did it, because I wanted to be able to tell myself--and you, dear Diaryland Reader--that I am at least "exploring different avenues" in my efforts to not become another of LA's homeless.

But more on this later...


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