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1:53 pm - Mon 3/6/06
Hey, It's Not ALL \"Gloom And Doom\"

Hey, It's Not All "Gloom And Doom"...

Mon 3/6/06 (3:51 a.m.)

(Well, I was going to start this entry off by linking to Natalie Portman’s “gangsta’ rap” on SNL, but it’s already been yanked off YouTube. But let me tell ya–If Natalie Portman wants to branch out and do a rap album, particularly if videos are involved, I’m there; she’s actually pretty damned good. But anyway...)

For everyone who just wants to shake me sometimes, for all you folks who get frustrated reading my journal because of...well, I guess because of my essentially unhappy nature, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it, for the people who wish my-glass-was-half-full a little more often, here are some happy developments I’m pleased and proud to report...

1. On Thursday, I was talking to a fellow actor at the ACG.

When I mentioned wanting to get my hands on the “breakdowns” (“Breakdowns” are the listings of what casting directors are looking for, listings that officially only go out to agents), they said they get them, and could “hook me up” with the person they get them from.

Pretty cool, huh?

Of course, this is not going to be free, but be that as it may, it’s a rather huge “step in the right direction”. With the breakdowns, I can start submitting myself for tv and movie roles–focusing on the casting directors who have seen me at the ACG–and eventually get two or three co-star roles I can then use as leverage to get an agent, helping me get further down the path towards being “a working actor”.

(At this writing, I have emailed the person who will be providing this bounty, and am just waiting to hear back.)

2. I got a raise!

Joshua, one of the managers at the ArcLight, took me aside at one point last night for my “performance review”, pronounced management to be well-pleased with my work these past months, and told me I’ll be getting an extra twenty-five cents an hour (Which I think he said started as of this past Thursday).

I know–It’s not exactly a windfall. But I wasn’t expecting it for at least another three months, and in light of “the breakdown thing”, it seems very timely, wouldn’t you say?

And beyond any small material benefit, it just feels good: It’s not a hard job, by and large (Though get back to me during a rush at the snack bar, and I may have some different thoughts on the matter), but I show up on time, I don’t call out, and I really do try to do a good job, so it’s nice that someone actually noticed.

3. Had a nice visit with Cary and Kay yesterday.

Bruce and Janet, Cary’s parents, are visiting from Virginia, and I always enjoy seeing them (Cary’s 17 year old niece, whose name I can’t recall at the moment–For some reason, I keep wanted to say “Eva”, but I know that’s not right--was also there. Seemed like a nice kid, and showed her good taste by being a big Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan).

Donovan, Cary and Kay’s young’un, very excited by all the extra people to show-off in front of, was a very entertaining, adorable bundle of energy (Though I think by the time I got there, Kay was wishing she could find an “off” switch)

The only down-side to all this fun and frivolity was that I was then extra-bummed that I wasn’t going to be able to watch the Academy Awards with them; it would have been fun to actually see the show as it was happening, and with fun people (But I told myself later that if I had actually been able to see it with them, I would have ended up whining in here about how I got back home and had to park in a different zip code, five miles from the apartment).

(Next Entry: The Academy Awards)


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