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12:25 am - Sat 8.01.2009
Enjoying My Good Fortune

Enjoying My Good Fortune

One bad thing about being me - I never just straight-ahead enjoy good fortune for too long.

I need to work on that.

I'm wondering and worrying over what happens "next"...while I'm still in the middle of the biggest success I've had in quite some time.

So I'm going to put the aforementioned "wondering and worrying" on the back-burner for now - They'll be time to get back to it later, if need be - and just focus on the fun fact that I'm shooting two tv shows next week!

I had a wardrobe fitting for Mad Men yesterday afternoon, at CRC, a costume warehouse in North Hollywood.

Not sure why I opted to not wear a t-shirt to the fitting, but I really wish I had; I was pretty embarrassed when I had to take my shirt off in front of the costumer and her assistant (Taking my pants off, oddly enough? Not as big a deal - I guess, with all the bike-riding, I'm less embarrassed about my legs than the rest of my body).

But what can you do? We were all there to get the job done, so I just told myself I was sure, in the course of their professional careers, that they'd seen grosser-looking character actors than me, and got on with it.

Over about 45 minutes, they basically put together two ensembles, to give the big boss man, Matt Weiner, a choice. So I won't know what I'm actually wearing till I get to the set on Monday, but I was amused (In a good way) by both "looks" - I don't look "cool", which was a little disappointing, but I definitely look "period".

(Speaking of which, when they got a look at my hair and sideburns, they said they'd need to alert the hair people to allow time for a trim on Monday. So I'm going to get a free haircut out of the deal!...which should dovetail pretty nicely, I'd imagine, with my role as "CHP Officer" on The Mentalist on Thursday.)

My call time on Monday is 11:00.

And this is kind of interesting - There's a piece of equipment I'll be using in my scene, and part of my day on Monday will be spent having someone school me in how it works, so I can then look like I know what I'm doing in the scene.

I don't know why, but I just think that's kind of cool

I wasn't invited to a table read for The Mentalist, but they did drop a script off to me late yesterday afternoon (I didn't even hear them slip it under the door - Must have been while I was napping).

Since they were nice enough to send it, I did read it, even though I only have three lines in one scene.

I don't actually watch the show - I saw the first episode, and part of another one - but I'm guessing that, if you are a fan, you still will be after this episode airs.

My costume-fitting for this show is going to be on the Warner lot on Wednesday morning (I already have someone subbing for my Weight Watcher meetings that day), and the shoot is on Thursday, though I don't have a specific call-time just yet.

(I also got someone to sub for my Thursday night meeting, because for one thing, I don't want to be worrying about whether I'm going to make it to my WW meeting while I'm still on the set. But more to the point, the last thing I want to do on a day where I'm actually working as an actor, is to end the day working at Weight Watchers!)

Hmmm...I still find myself wanting to write about my worries...

I think the more accurate thing to write would be, not that I've stopped enjoying my good fortune and have started worrying again, but that the enjoyment and the worry are kind of running on parallel tracks.

I am thrilled about my run of good fortune, and pretty impressed that I booked two jobs in a seven day, six-audition period (And beyond that, pretty much nailed every audition that had anything to nail).

And I think it's going to be great fun to spend a good chunk of my week next week being an actor.

I definitely feel encouraged - I'm relieved to have booked these jobs with my "new body", for one thing, and to just be reminded that I do book jobs.

But it's hard not to also worry - is this going to be "the start of something big", or just an oasis in the desert?

I'm hoping that, since some of the opportunities I've had have been bigger/better than what I've had before, things are moving to "another level".

But for now, there's no point in getting too far ahead of myself - Better to focus on next week's gigs.


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