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4:59 pm - Weds 7.09.2008
Good News? 2.0

Good News...?

Weds 7/9/08 (11:13 a.m.)

(As I begin, I’m “on hold” with the California Franchise Tax Board, where I hope to figure out why I received a refund a couple months ago, and am now being told I still owe $58.62.)

Well, the big news in my world is that AFTRA’s membership voted to ratify their new contract with the AMPTP (aka “The Producers).

(I found out last night, while at a workshop.)

I’ve read that this kind of vote typically passes by 90% or more, so apparently, the SAG campaign against it had an effect - it still passed, but with only 62%.

But passing is passing, and the growing consensus is that it’s unlikely SAG will strike under the circumstances.

And how do I feel about all this...?

My gut response is that it’s good in the short term, and very bad in the long term.

After the WGA strike earlier in the year, a SAG strike would have been really tough

But I’m afraid, long-run, this development strengthens AFTRA (Which isn’t in my best interests as an actor, I don’t think), weakens SAG (ditto), emboldens the producers (To continue to work on cheating working actors out of money they’re entitled to) and increases the odds against my being able to make a living as an actor in years to come.

But what is there to do?

Far as I can see, there isn’t much to do beyond just keep moving forward, hoping for the best.

Not my typical “modus operandi”, that “hoping for the best” bit, particularly in scary, uncertain circumstances (like trying to be a professional actor, for example). But I’m working on it.


This doesn’t qualify as “good news” yet, because nothing’s actually happened, but there’s a chance I may get some more money out of last year’s Cold Stone Creamery commercial.

The spot hasn’t run on tv for quite some time - it’s clearly done at this point - but it’s still up on a website (, and when I asked JS about that, he told me the 1-year contract for Internet use expired as of last month (On the 20th).

He said “They probably just forgot to take it down, but that doesn’t excuse anything”, or words to that effect.

So he’s looking into it (Apparently, there are some challenges involved, cause it looks like Cold Stone has changed ad agencies since then, but I trust Jon will be able to figure out how to get us some more money).


Maybe two weeks ago, I checked out Showtime’s website, where you can watch sample episodes of some of their shows.

So I checked out Dexter, starring Michael C. Hall (great in the late-lamented Six Feet Under, and even better here) and was tremendously impressed, so much so that during my last trip to Target, I used the gift certificate Mark and Jane gave me for my birthday to buy the first season dvd box set.

I finished the last episode today, and now I only regret that I don’t have Showtime, and can’t afford it at this point (But I just remembered - I do have that I-Tunes g.c. Mark H. bought me, as a thank-you for all the dog-walking, so it looks like I’ve found a new “favorite show”).

Seriously, check it out if you have the chance.


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