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4:40 pm - 05.08.2008
The Good Side/The Bad Side

The Good Side/The Bad Side

On the good side...

1. Got a rare chance to hang out with Cary last night (We ate at Mo's in North Hollywood, talking for over two hours).

2. Got another check from JS today; this one was for "industrial use" for the AT&T spot.

3. My callback for Chik-Fil-A is tomorrow. And while I thought it was a lower-paying Internet spot, it's actually pretty much an everything spot (National Network, Cable, Wild Spot, Internet, etc).

On the bad side...

1. Remember how I expressed concerns that my work schedule had stayed the same - in the first two weeks after the change in availability rules - simply because they "forgot to fuck with me?". Well, for the past two weeks now, they've remembered.

2. I'm sick. A moderately severe cold, I think, which has left me feeling congested, weak, and ache-y all over.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but merely being able to list good and bad things side-by-side (Thereby acknowledging that good things are happening), is a mark of progress for me.

Anyway, more later. I've gotta run...


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