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2:13 am - Thurs 5/25/06
A Little Goofy, Undeniable Fun

A Little Goofy, Undeniable Fun

Mon 5/22/06 (3:25 p.m.)
My last entry was titled “What’s The Deal With Me And Wheels?”, because of my recent run of bad luck with wheeled vehicles; a bike stolen, two flat tires (One car, one bike), and a minor accident knocking the front tire of my new bike out-of-whack, all in the space of a few weeks.

(Oh, that reminds me–When I recently listed all the things I’ve had stolen since living here in LA–two bikes, front and rear bike lights, and the hubcaps off my car–I forgot to mention the tags off my car. Which, at the time, was a type of theft I didn’t even know existed. But anyway...)

Yes, there’s been a string of misfortune connected to me and my vehicles recently, but on the flip-side, what did I end up with as a result of all this bad luck?

1. A new bike (Thank you, Kay). One that, even though it’s over 20 years old, is actually better than what I had (More on that later).

2. Two new car tires (Thank you, Cary). And really, how lucky was I, to not have a blowout on my way up to Cary’s place last Sunday? What happened, when it happened, was much better than what could have happened.

3. With advice, offers of “loaner bikes”, and people offering financial assistance towards a new bike, I had a nice reminder that I’m not alone in the world: I’d rather not need the help, but when I do, someone-and sometimes a group of “someones”-is always there to provide it.

(I know I’ve addressed all this already, but this is the “glass half-full” yin to last entry’s “glass half-empty” yang.)

And in the latest vehicle news–Where there once was one bike, now there are two.

Chris S., who I haven’t been in contact with for quite some time, recently sent me a birthday card (And a gift certificate to an Asian restaurant on Hollywood Blvd).

I called him up, to thank him for the gift, and while we were talking, and I was getting the scoop on what’s been going on with him these days, he mentioned his car had died, and in the interim, he’d bought an electric bicycle, before a friend made him a deal on (I think) a Kawasaki 600 motorcycle.

(Or maybe it was a Yamaha. I can’t remember. But anyway...)

We went out to lunch on Thursday–turns out, there’s a super-cheap place for Thai food just blocks from me–and he rode over from his place on the bicycle, an “Electric Chopper” (Styled like a motorcycle, as the name would imply).

Chris asked if I wanted to “give it a try”, so I got on, and after taking a moment to work out the throttle, I tooled up and down the sidewalk, laughing like a little kid.
When I stopped and got off, Chris said, “You like it?” (Or something to that effect), and I said, still laughing, “It’s pretty cool”.

And, long story short, he gave it to me.

He knew about the bike I’d gotten from Cary and Kay–I didn’t know he read my journal--so I guess he just thought I’d get a kick out of the “chopper” (Or, seeing how the bike I recently had stolen was the second one I’ve lost since being in LA, maybe he figured I could use a spare).

It’s not going to supplant Kay’s bike, for various reasons–It weighs a ton (I can get it in and out of the apartment, but it’s a challenge), I’d be very afraid of it getting stolen, and knowing me, I’d snooze on re-charging it at some point, and run out of juice ten miles from home (It doesn’t really work that well as a plain old “bike”)–but I rode it around my neighborhood on Sunday (On the road this time, and not on the sidewalk), and it is goofy, undeniable fun.

And what’s wrong with a little goofy, undeniable fun now and again?


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