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2:44 pm - Mon 9/16/02


(No time to do a real entry right now, but wanted to get a few of these things down before I forget)

1. I'm grateful that Robert gave me an almost-new pair of black Doc Marten boots. I complimented him on them one day recently, and that's all it took: Apparently, they don't fit his feet as well as he thought they would.

2. "Buffy" was on at 5:00 yesterday, instead of being pre-empted by football, like it was last week.

3. Robin and Michelle, sisters and new employees at Borders, shared their lemon chicken with me, that they'd gotten from California Wok.

4. There was pizza at the store last night. A little treat for having to deal with inventory.

5. I'm grateful to me, for making a concerted effort to see the potential "up" side of a development at work that hit me very negatively (More on that later

Gotta go...


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