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10:38 AM - Mon 4.05.21

Great Plan Mr. Hoffmaster

Well, I thought today was going to "center around" my dentist appointment, to continue getting crowns done (I had two or three done last year, did three more a few weeks ago, and was going to be getting two or three more today, to finish the set).

But over the weekend, received notice from Delta Dental - They don't pay for crowns needed because of tooth wear, only because of tooth decay (And my crowns are all about the former. In other words, I'm old).

So I called the Dentist's office and told them the deal.

The receptionist said she'd refer the matter to Billing and they'd get back to me (And she canceled today's appointment "just in case").

In a new era where I don't have regular income, this is a particularly unhappy state of affairs.

But here's the thing - This Delta Dental rule was no doubt in place when I started this journey and, far as I recall, I've not been on the hook for more than the "out of pocket" I've paid while at the Dentist's Office (I'm pretty sure I'd remember if it had been otherwise).

And when my big "plan" was to get half the remaining crowns done in March to "use up" my coverage for the year, then finish this month, when my new year of eligibility began, no one said, "Yeah, great plan Mr. Hoffmaster...except it doesn't matter one way or the other, because your insurance doesn't cover that shit anyway".

So maybe they try to get money from your insurance, but if they don't, they take your copay (Which is, like, 50%) and "call it good".

Guess I'll find out.

But in any case, it's left me a little uncertain about how to proceed with my day - That was the "big thing" that was gonna happen today, getting me out of the house and among people (And even though I wasn't looking forward to the hours of discomfort involved, I was enthused about "finishing the project").

(I know this is boring, but what can I do? It's what's going on.)

The other "business" I've conducted today had to do with apparently getting a check in error from Shameless and having them cancel it, which somehow ended up costing me $20 (Still not sure why - I didn't send myself a check in error that I then had to take back - but here we are).

As I've told Jane, the whole thing has been kind of a bummer - First I had a $4000 check, then I didn't. And I had to pay a $20 fee to boot! - so I've had to tell myself, over and over, "Jim, that wasn't your money anyway" (Except for the $20).

But that feeling of loss, coupled with disappointment about my shitty dental coverage (And fear that finishing what I now think of as "The Crown Project" might cost thousands rather tha hundreds) has caused me some anxiety around my "nest egg", which 1. Is not as big as I thought it was and, 2. Could end up whittled down to nothing by surprise expenses like, say, expensive dental work not covered by my insurance.

But let's end things on a positive note...

Went back to the Doctor recently (My PCP) and am happy to report that, after a brief experiment with diabetes, I have clawed my way back to "pre-diabetic".

Now, I don't know what percentage of that happy outcome belongs to my recent weight-loss and what belongs to the Metformin...but the fact is, I have lost something like eighteen lbs at this point.

And I have been pretty diligent about taking my drugs.

So "Yay!" me.

And on that note, I think I'm going to clean myself up and stuff.

Or take a nap, then clean myself up and stuff.

Till next time...



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