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2:14 pm - Thurs 4.30.2009
Pretty Thin Gruel

Pretty Thin Gruel (But Thin Gruel Is Better Than No Gruel At All)

So what's the good news?

Well, in today's mail, I got a "better than a poke in the eye"/"every little bit helps"-sized check from JS, for AT&T. Weight Watchers news, I've added another meeting, on Tuesday mornings (The 2nd receptionist at that meeting has cataracts and couldn't schedule surgery till June. So, barring drop-off in attendance, I'll be doing the meeting at least till then).

And...I had my first Level II Improv class on Monday, which went fine (It was basically a whirlwind review of Level I, and I didn't embarrass or distinguish myself any more than anyone else - Which, considering how I felt through most of Level I, is good enough).

But that's not the "good news" part - During class, the teacher said that as a favor to Marion (My Level I teacher), whose Level I class was canceled this term, she gave her our Level II class, starting next week.

(A caveat here; By the end of class, I was impressed enough with the teacher we were supposed to have - Bridget - that I was a little sorry she wasn't going to be teaching us. But she also teaches Level V, so assuming I stay with this improv stuff for the duration, she'll be my teacher down the road. And as I think I've already suggested, I like Marion quite a bit - I liked her, and I liked my classmates; my "issues" with Level I were pretty much all "Jim-related").

Let's see....what else is there...?

Going back to Weight Watchers - This is kind of "provisional" good news, but after losing my second Wednesday meeting and my Saturday morning meeting for a couple weeks, I have them both back.

This is all dependent on paid attendance (If it drops off...then so do I), but for now, that means I have eight meetings a week - One Tuesday morning, two Wednesday morning, one tonite, two Friday morning, and one Saturday morning.

And that's pretty much what I've got...

It feels like pretty thin gruel, but it's something.


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