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7:37 pm - Weds 4.14.2010
\"Guest Starring\" Jim Hoffmaster

"Guest Starring" Jim Hoffmaster

Since I last wrote, I've gotten my script for the Castle episode I'm shooting on Tuesday.

(Actually, I've gotten three drafts, of the episode, each time worrying my part would get smaller, or disappear altogether...but so far, so good.)

It's still a small role - just one scene - and to be honest, I was a little disappointed when I first read it.

But small though it may be, it's more than I've gotten to do before (And there's definitely enough there to "make an impression"), and it's with the two series leads.

And most importantly at this stage of the game, it's a "guest star" (a "same-day guest star", as they say in the business, but a "guest star" nevertheless).

They're paying me the same as I made last time, but me and "my team" were in agreement - money wasn't as big an issue as getting the upgraded credit (And Castle is already paying me more than the day-player minimum. They're the one's who upped my "quote" in the first place; the way I see it, getting more money is something to think about "down the road", once I've gotten some more "guest-stars" under my belt).

So that's pretty much where we are at this point - I've got the script, and I know I'm shooting on Tuesday; I don't know my call-time yet, or if it's "on location" or at the studio...but I imagine they'll "fill me in" by Monday night.

(After my last entry, I'm trying not to have "expectations"...but I'm hoping it'll shoot at the studio, since that's maybe a 15 minute bike ride from my house.)


I've been thinking about how the most awkward question someone can ask when I've gotten a booking like this - after the requisite congratulations and excitement run their course - is "So what else is going on?".

But I actually do have a few other things going on - Which are nice, if nowhere near as "sexy" as booking a guest-star on a network tv show.

Looks like I've gained a noontime "at-work" Weight Watchers meeting on Mondays, at LAUSD.

I've been wary of taking "at work" meetings in the past, because of the potential conflict with auditions. But the Leader (Ben S., who I've worked with a number of times) told me he has no problem with me working the meeting whenever I can, and soldiering on without me if/when I have auditions, so it's pretty perfect - to say "no" under those circumstances would mean having to admit "I just really don't want to work...".

(...which I don't. But that's a whole other entry...)

I've been enjoying going to movies lately with Howard C., a friend from the ArcLight Theater era that I've reconnected with on Facebook.

At his instigation, and buoyed by the fact that - for now at least - I have a decent income, I've been seeing a lot of movies; in the past couple weeks, we've seen The Ghost Writer, Greenberg, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Date Night (My favorite of the four was Greenberg. My least favorite? Hot Tub Time Machine. But I basically enjoyed all of them to one degree or another).

Howard's a good movie-going partner - He just likes movies, and is pretty much up for seeing anything (His tastes are as broad - if not broader - than mine) - and he likes the cheap matinees in Los Feliz just as much as I do.

In fact, I'd be seeing Kick-Ass with Howard on Friday...if I didn't already have plans to go to the Getty with Liz (To see a DaVinci exhibit).

Liz is the other woman I connected with on OkCupid - the "Open Marriage" woman (And I think from here on out, I'll just be referring to her as "Liz").

It's been interesting/amusing, to see how concerned people are for me in this situation.

I'm not sure whether they think I'm weak-willed enough, out of loneliness and horniness, to be drawn into something I don't want to be drawn into, or if they see her as some evil seductress (Because of her "lifestyle choice"), or both...but nothing's gonna happen.

At least not in that way.

I have no interest in participating in that kind of relationship - it just sounds too complicated - and to be honest, I'm not physically attracted to her anyway (And if I were, I probably would want her all to myself).

But on our first outing - at House of Pies - she seemed smart and fun. And she was up for seeing the DaVinci exhibit (I've been a DaVinci fan since grade school), so why not?

Well, I'm starting to tire out - My bad sleeping has taking a turn for the worse for...well, for quite a long time now - so I think I'm going to cease and desist at this time, and settle in with my Wednesday night "stories" (The Human Target on Fox, and basically the entire block of shows on ABC).



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