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5:45 pm - 10.21.2013
Till Happiness Comes Along, This Will Do

Till Happiness Comes Along, This Will Do

Sun 10/20/13 (9 pm-ish)

(Watching Walking Dead, some days after telling myself I was going to call and cancel my cable. But moving on...)

Well, I've been up and down and all around emotionally since last writing, but with an audition tomorrow and an actual gig on Tuesday, I'm currently feeling...well, if not great, at least "less bad".

The casting session tomorrow is for Suburgatory, for a quick bit with Cheryl Hines (Which would be cool, because I like Cheryl Hines).

It's no bigger than anything else I've booked so far this year, but unlike those bookings, it feels like the character actually gets a "moment", and as I'm sure I've said more than once in here, it's nice, if I'm going to be stuck doing these tiny little bit parts, to at least get a "moment".

So anyway, that's tomorrow.

And on Tuesday, I'm back on Shameless, basically stumbling into my first episode of the coming season.

Why "stumbling into", you ask?

Well, late this past week, I got a call from Sharon (My theatrical agent).

Shameless had called; the actor who was going to do some generic two-line co-star part fell through, and they wanted to know if I was available, should they decide to make it a "Kermit" bit instead (They were apparently debating between that and offering it to some other guy).

So, while trying not to expect anything from Shameless this season - because of my disappointment over how little I did last season (And the vague sense of failure I felt because of it) - I've fallen backwards into an episode.

And it makes me realize - I really want to "win prizes". It feels tremendously inappropriate to get a gig that basically saves my ass, then proceed to whine about it because "it just happened" (Instead of being hella-grateful that "it just happened")...but here we are.

But inappropriate emotions aside, I will say this - Considering the part wasn't written for my character (And arguably conflicts with something we already know about Kermit - he's a "handyman"), it's a funny bit that I think does say something fun about the character (In other words, I think I get a "moment").


Mon 10/21/13 (7:40 pm)

Well, the Suburgatory "casting session" went fine - Two lines, two takes, and I was on my way - so now I'm looking ahead to tomorrow's Shameless shoot.

In fact, I was looking so forward to tomorrow's Shameless shoot, I almost "leapfrogged over" a two-hour WW training session this afternoon (I remembered it less than 20 minutes before I had to be there, jumped in the car, and got there 15 minutes late).

But just before I went "Oh Shit!" and jumped in the car, I'd gone down to check my mail, and was delighted - and very surprised - to find a check from my commercial agent, for the 5th 3rd Bank commercial I shot the beginning of the year.

It's not huge - we're talking hundreds here, not thousands - but, particularly when married to tomorrow's Shameless payday, it's enough.

But wait! There's more - On a whim, I checked the "residual tracker" on the union website, and it looks like I'm due to get three decent checks for the "foreign sales" of three of my Shameless episodes (One of which was a Guest-Star, which means it's a bigger check than the two co-star ones).

All this basically means I have a financial "breather" - I'm not great at "crunching the numbers", as a general rule, but I've got to assume this influx of cash is going to mean I'm at least going to be able to get through the rest of 2013 without crying about "going under".

And I've got at least one more good month (December's usually pretty dead) to book more work.

I don't know that it's happiness I'm feeling right now, or just the temporary cessation of pain, but whatever-it-is, I'll take it.


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