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1:51 pm - Tues 10/11/05
Happy Hour

Happy Hour

(This is typically "nap time"--the hour before I have to start getting ready for work--but I want to do this instead.)

Well, to start with "happy stuff"...

1)A couple days ago, I received a package from Carolyn T. in the mail, with the "round journal" we're doing with Carrie, two videos worth of Rescue Me, and a red short-sleeved shirt that was too big for her husband.

2)There's been some back-and-forth emailing with Tim F., my friend from high-school, and we seem to be tentatively moving towards reestablishing friendly ties.

Our communication so far has been very...instructive.

(He sent me the proper html for the "Monkeyshine" link--"Monkeyshine" is the musical twosome of Tim F. and Cate D.--but I seem to have misplaced it. But check out "", cause it's a pretty happenin' little duo.)

3)Visited Cary and Kay on Sunday.

Kay, an artist and graphic designer, nudged me towards having her do my business cards (Instead of doing it myself, as I've been trying to do).

It's obviously not about the money--I'd just be giving them back a little of what they recently loaned me--but instead, about Kay knowing she can produce a better result than I'm going to manage on my own.

(And after going through a dozen pages of card stock to get a handful of usable cards, I'm more than willing to concede that point.)

I think it was also a little "nudge" to get more proactive with this Notary stuff.

It's more-than-obvious that my time at Borders should have ended last year, if not sooner. And since I'm loathe to go straight from Borders to another crap job, it makes sense to follow-through on the time and money I invested to become a Notary/Signing Agent, and actually be a Notary/Signing Agent.

(FYI: I did do another Notary job recently. It was kind of "Part II" of the first one--We had to go out to "The Motion Picture Home", and get the client's mother's signature, which had also been on the document. It took about two hours, round-trip, and I charged her $35.)

4)Had an audition for a Capital One commercial yesterday (A Xmas-themed one with David Spade and "Chubbs").

I wasn't happy with how it went, honestly, but it did remind me how any one of these auditions could be a life-changing event.

And that's pretty cool.

Guess what? It's time for me to go to work, and I ran out of time for "The Not-So-Happy Stuff".

Oh well, there's always next time...


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