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10:03 AM - Weds 07.05.23

"Keeping Busy" Is Hard Work For Some Of Us


(I didn't look back at my last entry, as I sometimes do, so forgive me if I repeat myself.)

I feel like I'm "falling down on the job" a little bit, in terms of keeping myself busy. I've had a couple days recently where I've done little but lounge about my apartment, which is generally not good for body or soul.

But that said, I did check Breakdowns a short time ago (There wasn't much there, but I did submit myself for a thing).

And on Monday I went to Cary's place - To meet their new cat, Bubba (They're working on a name change because he's definitely not a "Bubba"), to see Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - more on that in a minute - and to just generally hang out).

Bubba is in the first few days of his new residency, so he's a little skittish, spending a lot of his time sleeping, as cats do, and hiding. But I did get a chance to meet him briefly - we even played a little bit - and he's a very handsome young fella.

Bubba did make me think about a replacement cat - The time doesn't seem "right" at present (With who-knows-how-many film festivals in front of me, not to mention perhaps a trip to New York with Mark and Jane Z.), and I've become "skittish" over getting a pet that may outlive me at this point...but I'm thinking about it.

Indiana Jones and the Dial Of Destiny - or "Diarrhea of Dysentery" as one online critic referred to it - was not a good movie (There's just no reason for it to exist other than as a cash grab, and it looks likely to fail at even that).

But because the online "anti-woke" brigade has been so critical of it, like it's the worst thing that's ever happened at the theater, my expectations were lowered enough that it being "not as bad as I thought" was kind of a win (It also helped that I was just happy to be hanging out with Cary and Kay - If I'd seen it by myself I would likely be more critical about the whole thing).

(In my opinion? While I'm not completely unsympathetic to the view of the "anti-work" critics, I think the bigger problem with the movie is that, as I said earlier, it just has no real reason to exist - It's a movie no one was asking for, and no one needed to see. I'm hard-pressed to see how you could do a movie with an 80-year-old Harrison Ford playing a 70-year-old "Indiana Jones" and have it be the movie people really want to see, basically a movie with the same snap, crackle and pop of the original "Raiders".)

After the movie, we went back to their place, Cary grilled up some burgers, and we played Scrabble.

It was a good time.

Kay's mom, Corinne, came out and socialized with us, which was nice (I guess she's started to decline, in terms of her faculties, but the last couple times I've been there she's seemed fine. And I'm grateful for that - I'm going to be bummed if/when I go visit them, and she doesn't remember me.)

Did very little yesterday.

I did manage to rouse myself enough to get dressed and go get groceries (These days, I feel like I'm going every few days, spending over $100 a pop each time, which doesn't seem like a sustainable model as things stand).

And I did go "the long way round" to get there, which I haven't done in a while.

But other than that, it was another day of not doing much - In the late evening, I did a drawing I was pretty happy with, but the day was mostly about watching TV and playing on the Internet.

And I guess that's okay as a "sometimes thing". But as a "most of the time thing", I don't think I'm doing body and soul any favors.

But this afternoon I have a couple movement classes at GenSpace (Tai Chi and a dance class), and a "Latin Dance" class tomorrow,

And I'll be speaking with Mark and Jane Z. tomorrow.

And of course, I continue to be in regular communication with Jane R. - Who's coming back to town in a couple weeks, to catch the Basquiat exhibit at the Broad (Which will be my first time visiting that particular museum - So while I'm indifferent to Basquiat myself, just seeing the museum will be fun. And I just generally like when Jane is in town better than when Jane is not in town).

And if I just want to "break up my days", I do have some doctor appointments to set up.

At this point, the one that takes precedence is the gastroenterologist - I've been having bouts of nausea lately that are very concerning (Nausea reaching the point where, a number of times now, I've been terrified I was going to throw up in public, which hasn't happened. Yet) - but I also need to start up with a new endocrinologist (After avoiding it for some time, I've decided I want to start on Ozempic or whatever other drug is indicated, because I need some help in getting my weight under control. I also need to keep the flow ot testosterone...flowing).

And while I lived most of my adult life without them, regular eye exams are now a thing I need.

I don't like that my life now involves fistfuls of pills and a platoon of doctors, but "it is what it is" (And maybe if I start treating myself a little better in terms of food and exercise, I can claw back enough good heath that I can cut down on both the pills and the doctors).

And on that note, I need to grab something to eat, then start getting myself ready to move about.

Till next time...



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