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9:01 am - Sun 10/3/04


As part of my new "Put Acting First" philosophy, I recently--finally-- got around to making an appointment for new headshots.

(Obviously, I'd have to get new headshots at some point, but without the desire to "jump-start" my efforts out here, I would probably have waited till JS said something about it.)

To ease my anxiety--the anxiety that I'd spend hundreds of dollars on pictures I didn't like (Or more importantly, pictures JS wouldn't like), I asked JS for a recommendation.

So this Wednesday at 11:00 a.m., I'm having a session with Kevin McIntyre, a photographer JS said would be able to "capture my look".

At this point, me and Mr M. have just played phone tag, but he sounds like a good guy, and I expect we'll be able to work fine together (I'm going for the "medium package", which is $250, for four different "looks" and something like 100 shots).

In one of his messages, Kevin said I should ask JS what particular things he might want us to get from our session, so I emailed JS, and he emailed back that he wants color (That's the new "thing" in headshots), then shots of me in a "wife beater" t-shirt, "casual dad" stuff, then a three-quarter shot in a suit.

Personally, I'm not thrilled about color, or about the "wife beater" (I wouldn't be thrilled about the "wife beater" in the best of circumstances--My arms are too skinny and too hairy--but if we're doing the shoot in color, I'm going to look pretty stupid, with the "farmer's tan" I have from hours of bike-riding).

But in any case, I'm getting it done, and this is a good thing.

(In terms of the D-land photo--my current headshot--I'm trying to decide if I'll be removing it in favor of the new headshot, or just putting them side-by-side, so you can see the havoc the past couple years have wrought upon my visage.)


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