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10:22 am - Mon 7/30/07
Heavy Hitter

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A "Heavy Hitter"

Have a commercial callback today, for Orbitz (The travel thing, not the gum), and I hope it's going to be the gig I book before going back to Michigan next month (I always want to book, of course, but I'm particularly eager to book before the end of next month, so I have a ready response when the hometown folk ask "Have you done anything lately?". I also just want the money train to keep making deliveries, so I can maintain my current jet-setting lifestyle).

(The spot is mildly amusing: Our "hero" gets on an elevator, and starts trying to impress a beautiful girl with his Orbitz connections. Then she leaves, there's a beat, then I lean in to say "I think what you're doing is wonderful". Which leaves our hero distinctly nonplussed, since I wasn't
quite the fan he was looking for.)

The yearly JS meeting/party was yesterday, at his office in Carpinteria (A seaside enclave 80-plus miles from LA).

When traffic on the 101 was bumper-to-bumper going out of LA, I was almost ready to turn around and go home (Or at least go to the movies instead), but I persevered, and had an okay time at the party; ate too much crap, as I always do when there's a pot-luck/buffet-style setup, and felt awkward and shy initially, when there wasn't anyone there I knew but JS, but then I started chatting with people ( Kelly P.--the current JS superstar--was there, and I like her a great deal), and was ultimately glad I went.

And if I hadn't been there, I would have missed out on JS mentioning me, during the meeting, in the same breath as Kelly P. (Apparently, people often email JS when Kelly is in the newsletter for booking yet another gig, wondering what her "secret" is, and I was the other person he mentioned as one of the big "bookers").

As you know if you read this journal regularly, I really like the idea of being a "heavy hitter", so that made my day (Though Kelly really is the "Superstar" at JS; she's booked twice as much as I have this year).

And afterwards, while talking briefly to JS--I expressed the hope that the "money faucet", now that it's been turned on, would keep flowing awhile--he told me I had a "big fan" in Joe Blake (The commercial casting place I'm going to today), and that, regarding the "flow of money", his experience has been that once it starts for someone, it typically keeps going for at least six or seven years (Or did he say "seven or eight years"...?).

I was very encouraged by that; it would be nice if, in the next couple years, I was able to earn enough money commercially to get some things I'd like, do some things I'd like, and plan for the future.

But speaking of "getting some things I'd like", I need to get going--It's time to book me a commercial...!


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