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8:17 pm - Mon 10.13.2008
Mr Flexible (Alternate Nickname: Mr Hernia)

Mr Flexible (Alternate Nickname: Mr Hernia)

Got the email this afternoon - My call time for the John Cleese infomercial is 10:30 tomorrow morning, in Pasadena.

As is usually the case, I'm much more anxious about getting there than I am about the actual "doing of the thing" (Even if that "thing" is with John Cleese).

The infomercial is not really "The John Cleese Infomercial" - We're not selling Monty Python or Fawlty Towers box sets, after all.

It's actually for something called The Book Of Inside Information, some sort of "bargain book" that gives you the - wait for it - "inside information" on how to get deals regular folks don't know about.

As I said to Cary on the phone a couple days ago, when I read the script (I read the whole thing, not just my bit), some of the claims made were so comically extravagant, that, and the fact that John Cleese is the star, left me wondering if we're actually doing some sort of infomercial parody.

But parody or genuine infomercial, it doesn't really matter - I just have to go, have fun, and get the job done.

Which I think will be quite do-able.

I've been going over my five lines this way and that way, with this attitude and that, preparing to give the director a lot of "choices", if that's what he wants; I am also equally prepared for the director to have a very specific idea of what he wants from the "Gas Station Manager", and do my best to make that happen.

Just call me "Mr. Flexible".


In other news...

I have a Doctor's appointment on Thursday, so I can be told what I'm pretty sure I already know - I've grown myself a new hernia.

I'm pretty not-happy about it, to be sure, but it is what it is; at this point, about all I can hope for (beyond hoping that I'm right, and it's just a garden-variety hernia, and not something worse) is that it won't slow me down for too long.

(I could dwell on how not-happy I am about this - the discomfort, the timing, the fact that even with insurance it's gonna cost me - but I won't.)


I now have my first regular Weight Watchers meeting as an employee - Thursdays at 5:45 p.m. (I think at the location on Olympic and Westwood...though I need to double-check on that).

Stephanie (One of the receptionists at my meeting place on Beverly) called me today, asking if I wanted it, cause she wanted to give it up.

And needing the employment, I said "Yes. Yes I do".


Have I mentioned in here that I have a new theatrical agent?

(I wrote about it in my other blog, but don't want to assume you all race over to read that every time I mention it.)

It just happened - has it been a week yet...? - so it's a little soon to expect the offers to start pouring in, but I am hopeful (That was kind of the point - Vicki was getting me out so rarely that hope was, if not dying, at least suffering from a bad head cold).

I was uncomfortable severing the relationship with Vicki and Direct Talent, because she's a very nice lady. But long story short, I have to get auditions, which means I have to find an agency where they are both enthusiastic about me, and have the "juice" to get me out.

Hopefully, I've found that combo with Actors LA.

And speaking of "getting out", I should get myself out of the house (The 90 minutes walks that have been promoting my weight loss, because of the leak I've sprung in my intestinal wall, are starting to leave me feeling fairly "twinge-y" about halfway through, so this may end up being a walk around the block. But I've gotta do something, cause I've pretty much been in the house all day, and those calories aren't going to burn themselves...)


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