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11:24 pm - Tues 6.25.2013
History In The Making?

History In The Making?

Told myself I was going to devote a good chunk of the evening to this...but I got a tad distracted by the going's-on in Texas (Where the Democrats, led by State Senator Wendy Davis, and aided mightily by hundreds of protestors, mounted a filibuster against an anti-abortion bill the Texas Republicans were trying to ramrod through in a "special session").

I'm not going to hash out the debate or my feeling on the issue or any of that, because I've got other things I want to write about...but that said, I really felt like I was watching history happen tonight, whatever the immediate outcome of the fight.

And dammit, it's just nice to see Democrats fight for what they believe in...!


This is going to make me sound more "political" than I really am, but the day started with finding out that the Supreme court basically gutted the Voting Rights Act, and I was honestly surprised how much it bothered me.

Maybe I should have been glad that, apparently, racism is now over, and the Voting Rights Act is no longer needed...but somehow, when voter suppression was popping up all over the place in the lead-up to the last national election, I'm not completely convinced that's the case.

I liked what Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in the dissenting opinion - that the decision of the majority was akin to throwing away your umbrella in a rainstorm because you're not getting wet.

It actually made me think I might need a different morning routine, instead of cycling through news and such on the Internet. It can just be a too depressing start to the day.

(But anyway, on to stuff about me...!)

I had an audition on Monday afternoon at Nickelodeon, for the show Sam & Cat.

It was my second time being called in for the show, which made me feel good (The first time, if you recall, I left feeling vaguely unhappy with how things had gone, even though I didn't really feel like I'd done anything wrong); going back to a casting director is always a good thing.

It was, for me, a long scene - around six pages - but since I'd been notified about the audition on Friday, I'd had a good chunk of the weekend to prepare.

Things felt good in the room, especially when the camera person put her head down in her arms at one point, I assume in an effort to stifle her laughter.

...but I didn't get it.

(Pretty sure I didn't get it. I almost certainly would have heard by now.)

This would have been a bigger payday than your average co-star gig, cause it's a multi-camera show, and would mean at least two day's work (A rehearsal day, then the shooting).

So that was one reason I really wanted to book it.

Another was that it was the role of an attorney, and even if it's just a kid's show, I liked the idea of playing an attorney (More often than not, I go in for more blue-collar roles).

And while I've worked a couple times now for Disney, I've never booked anything with Nickelodeon, which makes me really want to, if you know what I mean.

And I just want "something to do". I want "bragging rights" (It's been awhile since I've had an "I booked the gig!" FB status, for example).

But no - No money, no playing an attorney, no "bragging rights".

No Nickelodeon.

But I do think, in all likelihood, that I earned a return ticket to that casting office at some point.

And that's something.


Janet is gone for the week, in NYC, to give a big marketing presentation to REDACTED.

The lead-up to said presentation is why two what-you-might-call "dates" were set up, then put off (One just out of her feeling guilty & anxious about having fun when she "should" be working, the other because the REDACTED people set up a last minute meeting that pre-empted our plans).

Having coffee with Howard earlier today, I told him I wasn't too upset by it, because I could see an audition or a shoot or something-along-those-lines causing me to cancel on her sometime, and I'd expect her to understand.

And that's certainly true...but the real reason I'm not too broken up about things moving at a snail's pace here is that I'm a lot more nervous about things going forward than I am by nothing happening, or than I would be even by her suddenly realizing that getting involved with me would be a really bad idea and making a break for it.

Cause I know what being alone is like. It's "The Devil I Know", so to speak.

But the last time I was in the beginning stages of a "relationship" was sometime in the late-80s...and while it might not be completely "uncharted territory", it sure feels like it!

So this can go slow. This can go really slow.

I'm good with that.


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