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10:27 pm - Sat 7.10.2010
Hitting The Sack

Hitting The Sack...and Hoping The Sack Doesn't Hit Back


I bought a plastic Green Lantern "Power Ring" for a dollar at Meltdown Comics on Friday.

(Yes - I'm a ten-year-old in a middle-aged man's body.)


Saw The Kids Are All Right with my friend Liz last night.

I thought it was great, one of my favorite films of the year so far, full of heart and humor and humanity...and many more "H" words I can't think of at the moment.

But seriously - Go see it.


Finished reading Don't Know Much About History earlier this evening, a book I started a week or two before leaving for Michigan (It takes me much longer to get through books than it used to, which bothers me. But anyway...).

I enjoyed the book a great deal; when I was younger and more naive, I think it would have left me more depressed than it did (The real history of America is not a pretty picture)...but that's a journal entry in itself.

I've been thinking about reading a great deal lately.

I think of myself as having become more "illiterate" in "The Internet Age", and as a result, having lost some significant "brain power", because I clearly do not read as many books as I used to (And when I do read a book, as I said before, it takes me longer than it used to).

But the other day I was thinking about it; it's not the case that "I used to read a lot, and now I don't", it's more that "I used to read a lot of books, and now I read a lot of articles on the internet".

In terms of the time I spend reading, it's probably as much (Or more) on the Internet as it used to be when I was constantly working on a book "back in the day".

But while the quantity of reading might be the same, or greater, the quality has taken a nosedive.

I read a lot these days...but I'm not a "reader" anymore, and that sense of myself as a "reader", and as a "thinker" in general, is something I very much want to recapture.

Long story short, I like me better when I'm smarter and better-read.


Since my health insurance kicked in the beginning of the month, I'm experiencing some "resistance" to the idea of "taking care of myself".

But be that as it may, I am taking steps to address some "health concerns".

One of the biggest of which is "The Sleep Apnea Thing"; I was diagnosed years ago, have never been able to make the CPAP machine work for me, and have essentially just let fatigue have it's way with me over the years.

(Seriously, being "tired" is not just a temporary "state of being" with me; it's become part-and-parcel of who I am, how I "define myself". I don't "get tired"; I am "a tired person", the same way I'm "tall", or an "actor". And that doesn't seem right.)

I don't think I can over-estimate the impact constant sleeplessness and the resultant fatigue has had on my life. And it's past-time, particularly now that I have health insurance for at least the next year, to "take the bull by the horns", and do my best to address this problem "once and for all".

But speaking of "sleep", I'd better hit the sack...


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