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6:03 pm - Mon 12/30/02
Favorite Bumper Sticker--\"What If The Hokey Pokey Really Is What It's All About?\"

Favorite Bumper Sticker: "What If The Hokey-Pokey Really Is What It's All About?"

Well, I'm not exactly sure why I've had all day to do this, and have decided now is the time, minutes before I have to leave for work. But I guess pondering that question would just take up the valuable minutes I've allotted myself here...

Trying to pull back from the abyss of bad feelings, but I seem to basically be doing the hokey-pokey on that front ("You put your whole self in, you put your whole self out...").

Lauren's niece Zooey was born Friday, apparently without undue muss or fuss (I think it's left Lauren delighted with the actual bundle-of-joy--"Almost as cute as a puppy" was how she described her in a group e-mail she sent out--but a little blue over seeing lives change and progress while she, like a certain other Diarylander we know and love, thinks "Why am I just running in place here?".

We did manage to get together yesterday, for breakfast-that-became-lunch at Dennys (She paid, bless her kind-and-generous heart). Then we just hung out at my place till I had to go to work.

I was glad we were able to do that; For a time, getting together at all was looking doubtful. But anyway...

Jane's latched on to the fact that, without Leo in the way, I could look for a cheaper apartment.

Obviously, if there's something out there that's cheaper, that I can live with, I'm pretty much obligated to look into it (Particularly if there's a parking space involved). But I don't feel very into it right now. As I've said to her and Lauren and whoever else, I'm not nuts about the idea of immediately following up one major life change with another.

But again, if there's something out there that saves me money and/or gives me a parking space, and it's not too shabby or depressing or unsafe, I'm pretty much obligated to look into it.

And quit my pissing and moaning.


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