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2:25 am - Sun 10/03/04
Holding the Baby

Holding The Baby

Fri 10/1/04 (9:55 a.m.)

Last Sunday, I went to visit Cary and Kay–and little Donovan–at their home in Newhall.

During my last visit, Kay offered to let me hold the baby, but I declined. And I regretted if afterwards–How often do I get to hold a baby, after all?–so this time out, I was ready to snatch the lad out of his crib the moment I walked in.

He happened to be sleeping right then, but eventually, after he woke up, Kay offered to pass him over to me, and I said "sure". Or something similarly in the affirmative.

And he wiggled and wriggled and made faces and started to cry, so Kay took him, calmed him down, then handed him back. And this time around, baby and wannabee "Uncle" were fine; Donovan went out like a light, and I held him long enough for my right hand to fall asleep–Maybe 15 or 20 minutes--then gave him back to Mom.

It was pretty cool.

Talked to Cary at some length about movies, our respective work situations, how the acting is going, how his writing is going, etc and so forth, when during the course of that conversation, when he was talking about work, he said something that made me almost want to burst into tears then and there: He's thinking about selling their house and moving back to Michigan!

Cary's a manager at Peoplesoft, and they're basically working him into the ground, with 70-80 hour a week workweeks apparently the norm. He's dead on his feet, he's not seeing his wife or new baby, and he's got no juice left for the screenwriting he came out here to do in the first place.

In other words, his "quality of life" kinda sucks right now.

It seems like one of the great dilemmas of our time: How do you earn enough money to provide for a home and family, without having to "sell your soul to the company store"? What do you do when life seems to provide a choice of putting your job first and having no life, or else putting your life first, then struggling just to survive?


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