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9:11 am - Sun 4.06.2008
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Well, to start things off on a positive note - I have a callback for Orbitz tomorrow (Playing the "Chief Therapist" of a "Travel Planning Behavior Modification Group").

Callbacks don't mean quite what they used to, back in the "early days" - and sometimes I feel a little like "close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades" - but it's still better than not getting callbacks.

Cause, after all, you have to get the callbacks before you get the gigs. So if you're getting callbacks - and my "callback ratio" has been excellent so far this year - you've obviously got something going on. You're "in the game".

And "in the game" is definitely where I want to be.

And "Chief Therapist" is the kind of casting I'd prefer, in general, commercially and theatrically, to "Hot Dog Vendor" and the like.


Had a three-hour "class" in concessions yesterday at the theater (Before my regular evening usher greeter shift).

I guess it was supposed to be some kind of, I don't know what, maybe a "refresher course" in "ArcLight practices"?

Anyway, as these sessions always are, it was essentially useless, long on "ArcLight philosophy", and very short on anything resembling practical, usable info; for the life of me, I don't know what I learned that I didn't know before, beyond that we're supposed to take the temperature of each batch of hot dogs we make.

(And in a perfect ArcLight touch, when we were taken down to concessions, there wasn't a meat thermometer anywhere to be found.)

There was something about the whole thing that made me mad.

I think it encapsulated my sense of "spinning my wheels" at ArcLight - bored, trapped somewhere I don't want to be, and not getting much of any value.

The official "session" ended early, so we ended up spending the last 45 minutes or so talking about the big "issue" at ArcLight - Yes, you guessed it, the "availability thing".

And in spite of my recent dream, I couldn't help myself - I chimed in quite a bit (Which makes Amy, the manager who was running the session, the fourth manager I've vented to about the whole thing).

It's just difficult to accept a situation that's going to make my life, one way or another (Whether it means having to quit ArcLight, or eventually getting fired), just a little more stressful.

Well, I'm not really done with this, but it's time for me to head off to Weight Watchers.

(Not sure how that's going to go today. Wish me luck...)


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