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2:34 pm - Sunday, Aug. 14, 2005
Bad Coffee, President Dumb-ass, and \"Hot Horsie Action\"

Bad Coffee, President Dumb-ass, and "Hot Horsie Action"

Sun 8/14/05 (11:30 a.m.)

On and off for the past couple weeks, I’ve been thinking about politics, and the world outside “Jimlandia” in general.

A fellow online journaler has suggested, more than once, that he finds my journal of limited interest because of its almost-entirely-personal content.

And getting past my basic narcissism–“You mean the minutiae of my personal life is not endlessly fascinating? How can this be?”–I’ve thought a lot about exactly why I don’t write more about “the world outside Jimlandia” in here.

It’s a combination of things–Yes, I’m more interested, by and large, in the “wonder of me” than in commenting on events in the middle east, or ripping on President Dumb-ass, or what-have-you, but even when I do find something in the news interesting (ex. The export of high-paying tech jobs to other countries, the ongoing quagmire that is Iraq, the rise of crystal meth as the “drug du jour”, the teaching of “intelligent design theory” in high school science classes, etc), I don’t feel like I understand the ins-and-outs of most situations well enough to write intelligently about themt. And I can’t see why you’d want to get my half-assed take on current events anyway, when you can get actual, better-informed opinions from any number of news outlets.

There’s only one “news outlet” for news about me, however...

The other thing I was thinking about, regarding politics, is that I’ve got a really simple-minded, almost childlike take on things–My political views, such as they are, basically boil down to who seems “mean” and who seems “nice” in a given situation. I rarely if ever feel like I’m following all the twists and turns of a given political story in the news (In part because I’m lazy, and only read the stuff that’s spoon-fed to me in the mainstream media, when I read at all), but instead, I basically respond, gut-level, to what “feels” right or wrong.

It’s “Everything I Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten” stuff, basically. And I don’t know how to make that sound like insightful political commentary.

But all that said, I do want to find other things to write about beyond the bookstore, what is or isn’t happening in my acting career, etc.,because I think I’m more than that.


Being out of instant coffee, I finally broke out the grinder and coffeemaker Mark and Jane bought me for my birthday back in May.

It didn’t really work out–When all was said and done, the resulting cup of coffee tasted like crap (Very strong, with a bitter, unpleasant aftertaste)–and I don’t know what exactly went wrong.

“Operator error” somehow?

Old beans? Never having made honest-to-goodness coffee in my home before, I don’t know how long coffee beans stay “fresh”.

In any case, I guess more experimentation is in order; the next time Mark and Jane come to visit, I’d like to be able to offer them a decent cup of coffee.


I wanted to throw this out to any younger readers: What the hell is a “holla back girl”?
I’ve been hearing that Gwen Stefani song, and while I get that being a “holla back girl” is not a good thing, I don’t really know what it means.

Any help?


Okay, now here’s where a lot of you would probably prefer I wrote about “me” instead of “what’s in the news”...

About a week or so ago, I read (In the “Savage Love” column in The Onion) about the Seattle man who died after having sex with a horse.

Or to be more horrifyingly accurate, the Seattle man who died after letting a horse have sex with him.

In a word--“YIKES!” (Or maybe “OUCH!”)

I wouldn’t say I’m obsessing over this story, but I would say I’m “thinking about it a lot”.

Not because it’s “sick” or “disgusting” or whatever you want to call it (After all, it’s not like I don’t have a few sexual “kinks” myself. Though a desire for “hot horsie action” isn’t amongst them).

And I don’t have a big stake in the “Is this or is this not ‘animal abuse’?” question (In this particular case, I don’t think it is. The horse wasn’t hurt, after all; it was just doing what horses do. I read a comment online that referred to the horse in question as having been “humiliated”, but that seems more than a tad anthropomorphic).

The issue that sticks with me is how someone could risk their life just get their rocks off. And not just “risk their life”; If you die having sex with a horse, your whole life is basically negated–You’re not “Devoted Family Man” or “Successful Entrepeneur” or anything else; you’re just this freak who died having sex with a horse.

It may sound odd but I think my interest in this story, why my mind won’t let it go, is that I don’t understand. And as an actor, I feel like I have to be able to understand anything people do.

I mean, what if I end up having to play this guy in a movie someday...?


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