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7:23 PM - Mon 01.09.23

Rainy Days And Rainy Nights

People joke about there being no seasons here in LA, but that's not strictly true.

To my way of thinking, there are at least two.

There's a kind of Spring/Summer hybrid ("Sprummer"?), where you're likely to stay dry, but will sometimes feel unpleasantly warm.

Then there's Fall/Winter ("Falinter"?), where the nights get colder and you're much more at risk of being "moistened" ("Moistened" is how I refer to the risk of going outside and getting rained-on).

It's been raining a lot, and apparently more is on the way (I read on that LA will be at risk of another bout of rainfall soon, to the tune of one inch an hour - I don't recall whether they said for how many hours).

And I could go on about the rain, but I'll spare you...

Really, the rain wouldn't matter much to me, if not for the fact that Jane R. is here - blew into town on Friday, is leaving Thursday morning - and I don't want our fun to get "moistened".

Have enjoyed having her here (We had a wonderful meal at Osteria La Bucca Friday night, and a fun trip to Blick Art Supplies - with lunch at El Coyote - On Sunday. And I will forever connect her to Curb Your Enthusiasm. since we've been working our way through the show whenever she's out here).

Unfortunately, the rain isn't the only thing "raining on our parade" - Jane developed a cough last night, and was feeling worse today (I headed over this afternoon with a COVID test and a few sundries, where it was determined that, whatever's going on with her, it isn't COVID).

She's here as briefly as she is because she's got business in Michigan coming up - family stuff in Detroit, then she's going back to Lansing for a couple days, for a week-long screening of Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong in East Lansing.

I'm sitting this one out, because...I'm still smarting a little bit over having missed two callbacks in the latter part of 2022 (One because of film-festivaling, and one because of COVID) - and even though I would just be gone for a "long weekend", I would be a very unhappy chappy if one of those "long weekend" days fell on the day of an audition, or a callback, or - heaven forbid - a gig.

Beyond that, before the film-festival thing even started, I felt I would have to pick-and-choose which festivals to attend since I am not "made of money" - So, rather than go back to Lansing just a few months after I was there, better to save that money to go somewhere I haven't been and/or somewhere that's more of a "buyer's market" than East Lansing MI.

But I feel guilty, nevertheless. And I suspect I'll have regrets if I stay here and nothing happens, while Jane has the time of her life without me (Though, to be honest, while we had two sold-out shows in November, I'm afraid we've "squeezed all the juice from that lemon" and the film's going to play to six days worth of empty seats. But hopefully, I'm wrong on that...).

Right now, "nothing" is exactly what's happening with acting.

No theatrical auditions.

No commercial auditions.

No voiceover auditions.


Now, I'm not terribly fussed about it at the moment - with an injection of funds from the KFC commercial, I'm feeling "flush" at the moment - but my Facebook page is telling me, via my "memories", that I've gotten out of the gate more quickly in years past.

So I wouldn't mind if things started happening again before too much more time goes by.

On the film festival front..."nothing" is also what's happening.

Jane doesn't like me getting into specifics about this sort of thing, so I'll just say she's due to be told "Yay" or "Nay" on a particular film festival on Friday.

And that's basically the film festival deal at this point - Jane's waiting to have a couple dozen film festivals tell us if they're up for screening the film or not.

And beyond hoping we'll book some that are "buyer's markets", I'm hoping that we'll also book the ones that'll get me close enough to my relatives (In FL and WV) to sneak in a visit.

(And for Jane's sake, I'm hoping we'll book some of the ones she has particularly enjoyed in the past.)

But at this point, the year is something of a blank slate.

Most times, that tends to make me anxious. But I have to say, at least at this writing, I'm "excited about the possibilities".

Which seems as good a time to stop as any.

Till next time...



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