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5:10 pm - Sat 2/2/08
An Imminent Deal?

An "Imminent" Deal? Crossing My Fingers

The entertainment-related websites I've looked at today - EW, TV Guide, and E online - are saying an end to the Writers strike is "imminent".

(Variety is being more circumspect, saying there's "cautious optimism" things might be moving towards a deal soon.)

I've heard enough rumors of an "imminent" deal in the past couple months that I'm "cautiously optimistic" myself; I want it to be true, but I'll only believe it if and when it's made official.

Which I hope will be the case in the next couple days.

I imagine it's the threat of an actor-less Oscars that really got things going; the Academy Awards generate a lot of money for a lot of people, and are the biggest advertisement of the year for the movies.

But in any case, I hope the rumors are true, and that in addition to being a good thing in general, that it'll be a good thing for me in particular; I'd like to start getting tv auditions again.

That would be cool.


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