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9:55 pm - Fri 8.30.2013
An Inconvenient Holiday

An Inconvenient Holiday

No work today.

No auditions.

No social engagements.

A long, boring day (Even the free "On Demand" movie I watched in the late afternoon - Prince Avalanche - a bribe from TWC because of their ongoing feud with CBS, was boring).

Might have done better for myself if I hadn't stayed up half the night on Thursday - I spent the day in a dopey fog (dopier and foggier than usual, I should say), even after going back to bed at one point for an hour or so - but "woulda coulda shoulda", you know?

One nice thing happened from staying up late on Thursday - I caught Margaret K. online, and chatted with her a bit before arranging to talk on the phone today.

I know I've sang Margaret's praises before, but she really is one of my favorite people on the planet - smart, funny, and kind (And yes, a cutie pie to boot!) - and while it's tough to find opportunities to talk (Between the time difference and her responsibilities as wife and mother), I always enjoy myself when we do.

She was curious about my situation vis a vis a "certain someone", so it was nice to get to talk with someone about that, because it's not exactly something I can "explore" in here, and I don't really have anyone I "confide in" anymore, at least not on a daily - or even a weekly - basis.

Speaking of "Madame X", she's been away on family business and was basically incommunicado for a time, but I did get an email from her a few days ago, catching me up on her doings (I don't want to get into her "doings" in here, because, 1. I don't think she'd like it, and, 2. That would mean less time exploring "the wonder of me". So let's just say she "has a lot on her plate" right now).

Due to the nature of her family business, I don't know when she's going to be back in town - currently, she's not just "out of town", she's "out-of-state" - so whatever-we're-doing is "on hold", which is fine, at least after getting past my "she's not communicating, so she must be mad at me" paranoia (As I've said before, I like her, but it doesn't mean means this or that has to happen on such-and-such a date).

...unlike booking a gig, which is something I'd like to have happen on "such-and-such a date" in "ASAP", or better yet, "The Day Before Yesterday".

Had six auditions and a callback this month; not a record, and of course, I always want more, but all-in-all, a decent month.

Was back at Warners yesterday, auditioning for the same CBS sitcom I auditioned for at the beginning of the month.

As I've said before, I don't really care for the show in question - watching a full-episode early on, I found it vulgar and unfunny (the former isn't a deal-breaker; the latter definitely is) - but it's a huge show, the casting people like me, and much as I might wish to, I can't afford to limit myself only to shows that meet my lofty "artistic standards".

Anyway, the audition itself - a two-line co-star - went well; my "scene" was the set-up of the joke and not the punchline, but that said, the CD and Camera Guy laughed at a reaction I did at the end, and that was fun.

So I left feeling good - Which doesn't necessarily mean anything (Could just mean that it's a particularly nice casting office), but it's certainly better than leaving an audition feeling bad.


Mon 9/2/13 (9:34 am)

Labor Day.

A "Monday holiday".

I don't like "Monday holidays".

I already have Monday's off, so a "holiday" that day is, basically, a day off made more inconvenient (Since I can't send or receive mail, or do banking, or deal with any business that's closed - Like a Dr's office, for example).

Unlike most folks, I'd prefer my holidays fall on a weekend; that gets me out of work, without knocking out a potential "audition day" (Actually a weekday holiday means two days where I know I won't have auditions, since the casting office isn't open to hold auditions or set appointments for auditions. And when it comes to Monday holidays, it might mean three potential audition days blown, since casting offices frequently close early the Friday before, for "the long weekend".

I know I write about this stuff every time there's a holiday, but I guess that just tells you how annoying I find holidays.

Basically, I'm just not in a position these days of "taking a break" from "making a living".


This month starts this year's monthly rent increase, another thing I'm not terribly happy about.

But I will say this - It's nice that Betty (The apartment manager) has given me a little break on said increase each of the last two years.

But it still troubles me (and will probably never not trouble me) that no one automatically gives me more money every year, but people are legally allowed to take more money from me every year.

But in spite of rising "fiscal anxiety", I'm going to the movies in a bit, to see In A World with Howard (And maybe Nathaniel, I'm not sure)- It's at the Noho 7, but it's a matinee, and I already have money on my Metro TAP Card, so I'm not throwing too much dough around (Though we'll probably get coffee afterward...but anyway...).

I feel like I'm in that place where I can pay this month's rent, but next month - That I'm not so sure about.

So wish me luck for a wave of great bookings in the next few weeks...


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