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4:10 PM - Weds 7.28.21

Definitely Not Just "Waiting For The Phone To Ring"

I've spent the day trying not to be "just waiting for the phone to ring" (Which seems like a good idea right now, since we're moving toward the end of the business day with no phone call).

I haven't been a "whirlwind of activity" - I don't even know what that would look like for me - but I've read, drawn a little, certified for Unemployment (Have to keep certifying to stay current, even though they aren't paying out because I haven't reapplied yet. Which is what the call I was waiting for today is going to be about), have done some minor cleaning in the bathroom, and am now doing this.

It doesn't feel like "enough", cause it's not...but it's something.

(Can I count "showered and shaved" as a thing? Cause in the present moment, that's something that's a much less regular "thing" than it used to be.)


Early in the day, heard some upsetting celebrity news; Bob Odenkirk (Of Better Call Saul fame) collapsed on-set yesterday and had to be rushed to the hospital. And, far as I know, he's still there today.

(With him being in his late-50s, my first thought was "heart stuff". And sure enough, the only news that's emerged so far, beyond the initial collapsing, is that it was indeed "heart stuff".)

While it's not like we're BFFs or anything, the news was disturbing - He's two years younger than I am, for one thing - and "getting news on Bob Odenkirk and how he's doing" became an additional thing I was trying not to just be spending the day waiting on today.


Later this evening will be going to Musso and Frank, invited by Susan W., who I worked with at Schuler Books back-in-the-day (Susan is visiting LA with her family - which includes a teenaged son who wants to be an actor - and they wanted to go to Musso and Frank because of The Kominsky Method connection. Which I can relate to, because me and Jane wanted to go because of the Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood connection).

I thought I was going by myself, but when Susan messaged me this afternoon, she said I could ask a friend if I liked.

So I asked Jane, and she liked, so we're going tonight at 8:45 (Late for dinner, but that's the time they had available for a party our size).

Should be fun - I'll be glad to have Jane along because social things like this make me anxious (And when the subject turns to the documentary, she'll have a lot more to offer on the subject than I do).


One thing I should be doing that I've not been doing (and not doing it is making me feel guilty) are the PT exercises I've been given to do at home.

I've been going in twice a week, for PT on my shoulder.

The first time I went in, I was pretty depressed about the whole thing (I couldn't stop fixating on the mundane way I hurt myself, which was "reaching behind me for something"). But as I reach the end of it (I'm done after Tuesday), I think I'm going to miss it a little.

And I'm gonna need to do those exercises at home - I do not want to end up in chronic pain (Or to have limited mobility) as I age.

(Or as I put it to Jane, "I don't want young people feeling sorry for me on-set..." - I'm assuming a world where I continue to act as I get older - "...or having to adjust a bit of basic business in the script because I can't execute it".)

(While I haven't actually done the exercises today, I have found a place in my apartment where I can do the wall exercises, which was a point of concern since I don't have a lot of "empty wall space" in my apartment.)


(Jane is texting me about our plans...)

Another thing I didn't do today is called the vet.

My cat Hamlet is broken.

He's been a chunky monkey all his life, but his eating started to fall off a while back (Shortly after I took him to the vet and he was pronounced the picture of good health), and now he's lost a concerning amount of weight.

So I took him back to the vet - They did a blood test and said it seemed like pancreatitis, with a possible inflammation of the bowel as well.

They prescribed prednisone (I opted for a creme I apply inside an ear), which I've been good about keeping up with,

I've been tempting him with wet food, which he will eat - I've taken to mashing it into the dry stuff, in the hopes that he'll eat more - but his appetite doesn't seem to be picking up much, far as I can tell, and he looks/feels about the same (We don't have the kind of relationship where I pick him up and carry him around, so I haven't weighed him - but I need to figure out a way to do that).

I'm feeling the stress I feel at a time like this - I don't want him to die, but also don't feel I can spend thousands chasing whatever-the-problem-is (Perhaps for him to ultimately die anyway).

This has cost about $450 so far - I don't know exactly what the price tag has to be before I say "That's too much"...but I'm hoping we don't get there (I don't like admitting that Hamlet's life has a price - any pet of mine, really - but here we are).

Well, I'm just about out-of-time - heading over to Jane's place soon (From there, to debate whether I'm driving us to Musso and Frank, or we're taking a Lyft or Uber) - so I guess that's gonna be all for now.

Till next time...



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