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10:53 AM - Fri 6.05.20

(Non) "Time Sensitive Material"

Well, the day has started with mildly disappointing news - In today's mail, I'm getting another "Time-Sensitive Material" communique from Unemployment.

Again, I'm pretty impressed with the turnaround time - my "Continuing Benefits Application" just went out on Wednesday -but the "time-sensitive material" part suggests there's gonna be some more application-doing (or application re-doing) before we settle into a groove here.

And if so, it's probably my own damned fault.

I didn't want my last entry to be entirely about filling out unemployment forms, so I glossed over the fact that, while I did make a "good-faith effort" to honestly report my income on the "continuing benefits" form, I rushed to get it in the mail (Not sure why - it wasn't going to go out till the next day anyway - but I did).

And as a result, it was pretty sloppy - For example, I filled in "income earned" for the two weeks requested before remembering to check for TV residuals (And there were five or six). Then, instead of correcting the amount in the (admittedly tiny) spaces provided for "income earned", I just copied the SAG "residual tracker" page from the SAG-AFTRA website with a handwritten note on the top basically saying, "Oh yeah - these too". And I didn't provide addresses for any of those, or for Cameo (Though I did explain, in another appendage, what Cameo is, how much I get paid, and how many videos I'd done over the weeks in question).

(The imaginary rush to finish was because I received the mail in the latter part of the afternoon. Then, as I was filling out the form, I learned LA had a 6:00 curfew that night and I needed to get to the store pretty quickly if I was going to. And instead of just putting my work away to do later like a normal person, I rushed to get it done...and here we are.)

So I'm assuming this is just a thing where I'm gonna have to re-do my sloppy-ass work. And if so, it's annoying (And a little mystifying - Right now, what could be more important than getting this shit right?) but nothing fatal.

I hope.

Off the top-of-my-head, there's not much else to report...

My car is dead. Which is worrisome, but not as worrisome as it would be if I had a job or auditions to go to (Hoping it's a simple matter of not using it/ starting it enough during this time and it just needs a jump...but unlike other times when my battery has died and there was no power at all, this time it turned on - weakly - but wouldn't turn over).

If it's something more than a simple call to AAA, (Like a repair where I might as well just buy another car) I'm actually wondering, "Do I need a car at this point?".

Clearly, right now I don't - there's no work and no auditions to get to, and my groceries are walking-distance away - but it feels tough to gauge what my vehicular needs might be in the extremely-murky "future".

But it's interesting that it's something worth considering.

What else is going on...?

Did I mention I tried to do a TikTok video?

It felt a little ironic that I was positioning myself basically as "Grampa Trying To Do TikTok"
And promptly fucked up doing the video (Ending up with a dance video with no music, because of copyright issues - would have been nice to have something that told me that BEFORE I went to all the trouble,but whatever...).

I'm going to try again - probably today - but after a few days of consuming TikTok videos, I'm kind of fading on the idea of TikTok being a place for me to shine (It seems to largely be about hot women dancing in bikinis and babies doing cute baby things. And just in case you don't know me personally, I'm neither a hot young woman or a baby).

And finally...

I'm currently, guiltily, binge-watching Community (Which I don't think I'd be doing if I hadn't watched the cast, minus Chevy Chase, recently do an online table-read of an episode for charity). Am finding it quite enjoyable, though I'm wondering what I'll make of the Dan Harmon-less season, and the later episodes after half the original cast had left (Which I either didn't watch the first time around, or I did, and they were so forgettable I...forgot them).

And I guess that's all from here for now.

Till next time...



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