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1:06 am - 07.21.2009
Jim's Big Day

Jim's Big Day

No time to really "blog" about this, but I did want to get the news in before it's all over - I have, not one, but two auditions tomorrow!

The first one is in the morning, for Ghost Whisperer, which would be exciting, because I'd really like to "break through" and be cast in a show on one of the "Big Three" networks.

In the afternoon, I'm auditioning for Mad Men, one of the best shows on tv right now.

In the case of Mad Men, what's especially nice is that, while it's still a co-star part, it's an actual little "scene", which is something I've wanted for quite awhile (Along with getting cast in something I actually watch and enjoy).

Is it greedy to say I want to book both?

Cause I sure as shit do.

Wish me luck...!


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