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10:57 AM - FRI 02.09.24

Sometimes It's Nice To Be Wrong (Callback Edition)

(Giving myself about an hour-and-a-half to do this. Let's see what happens...)

Just when I was starting to despair about the relative lack of auditions, I got a same-day, in-person commercial audition on Wednesday.

Then a self-tape audition came in, also commercial, that I did yesterday.

The in-person on Wednesday was a bit of a shock, not for being in-person - most of my commercial auditions are these days - but for where it was "in-person" at, a casting place in Santa Monica I thought had gone under during COVID. (Initially, I could have sworn I'd heard that was the case...but now that I think about it, it was another place in Santa Monica I was thinking of. This place just hadn't brought me in a very long time, for whatever reason. But anyway...)

I was auditioning to be one of the old people doing a thing in the spot - I think I may be signing an NDA today, so should probably keep things vague - which was pretty simple, and which I thought I'd executed fine.

But sadly, when I didn't hear anything later that day, or early on Thursday - when the callbacks were supposedly scheduled - I thought that was that.

So my callback today, in a couple hours, was a lovely surprise (As I often say regarding this sort of situation, "sometimes it's nice being wrong").

(So wish me luck on that one...)

I did something on the self-tape I've never done before - Instead of calling someone to read for me (In this case, it would have been Josh or Mike), I recorded the other lines on my IPad and did it myself.

I don't think I'd want to do that with a more involved scene - this only had two lines for other people, and I still flubbed up several times at first when it came to starting and stopping the recording. And I think with a bigger scene, I'd still want another person to act with - but all-in-all, it went pretty well. I felt comfortable doing the scene as many times as I wanted without feeling like I was imposing on my Reader (And a couple of "takes" had been asked for), and I was happy with the results.

The one thing I wasn't happy with is that when it came time to upload the audition, the website had limited the data usage for "Free" accounts so much that, to upload this very small audition, I had to basically either delete everything in my account, which would make it useless, or buy a paid membership.

So, gritting my teeth, I bought a paid membership.

This is a sticky issue, because it's against California labor law for a company to make job applicants "pay to play" for job interviews/auditions.

But here's the thing - The casting website, in this instance at least, is a separate entity and not the entity hiring actors. there anything to do about this?

I called SAG, and was told that they're aware of the issue and that the Legal Department is "looking into it".

It would be nice if Casting Agents - who, if reporting is to be believed, aren't happy about this either - would accept auditions through Dropbox or WeTransfer (Or else figure out some other workaround).

But we'll see what happens...

In non-acting news, I am bowing to gentle pressure from "Dr Feelgood" (aka Dr Chin, who is the psychiatrist who prescribes my "happy pills") to give the Keto Diet a chance.

The goal is not just to lose weight - which he says is inevitable on Keto - but to improve my mood (There are studies indicating the diet has positive effects on several mental health issues).

So since Ozempic and the like are not budget-friendly solutions, I'd kind of feel like I was saying I didn't really want to do anything about my problem if I didn't act on his suggestion.

(I haven't started yet - I'm waiting to go through the current, non-Keto-friendly foodstuffs in my pantry - but the next time I go to the store, I'll be beginning a new weight-loss adventure. Wish me luck - I've gotten to the point where I could stand to lose almost a third of my current body weight, and there's is no world where being that huge is okay.)

And on that note, I've gotta jump in the shower and get ready to book a goddamned commercial...!

(Till next time...)



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