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5:08 pm - Fri 6/22/07
Kipper Has A Bad Day

Kipper Has A Bad Day

(Just wrote a whole entry off-line, only to have the program freeze up. As a cartoon character from an earlier time might say, "@#$!!")

Brought Kipper back from the vet about an hour ago.

The dianosis? "Crystals", which is something that happens to a lot of male cats--crystals form in their urine, and create problems (It really does happen to a lot of male cats--This is the second of three male cats I've had that have developed the problem).

(I wrote more about this in that entry that went up in smoke, but I don't have a lot of time now, so I'll have to address it in more detail later. Let's just say, on the way home from the vet, I was feeling sorry for the both of us.)

It was an expensive day--In addition to the $250 vet bill, I had to call and order more headshots, because Vicki (aka Direct Talent) wants 100 to start with, I only have 85 on hand, and I need some of those for workshops and commercial auditions.

And since I was out-and-about earlier in the morning than normal, I decided to get my oil changed.

A minor expense, but a harbinger of future major expense--It seems almost everything in my car that contains fluid is leaking (Except maybe the wiper fluid reservoir).

All-in-all, it was just a day where I felt a rising anxiety over my ability to keep up with my expenses.

You know, this would be a great time to book another national (Propel is still paying out, but it's wound down, to such a degree that it's not making up the difference between what I make at ArcLight and my actual bills.)

But speaking of ArcLight...I gotta go.


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