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11:21 am - 09.21.2009
Emailing Jane

Emailing Jane (Cause I'm too lazy to write an entry right now)

Hi Jane,

Just popped in a couple loads of wash, so it seems like a good time to commune with you for a bit...

Recently my "Supergold" Diaryland membership came up for renewal.

Since I'm not exactly "flush" right now - but still felt it important I attend to the care and feeding of Diaryland - I compromised by downgrading to "Gold". But there wasn't any time where anything "expired", so now I'm wondering if I downgraded myself out of a "comments" section (If so, I may have to hit the Universe up for a loan, and pay the extra $$$ - I LIKE the odd, occasional comment from readers, if for no other reason than proving to me that I actually HAVE readers!).

(Just checked...and yeah, apparently I need "Supergold" membership for a "comment" section. @#!!!)

I enjoyed writing the "Gifts" entry, and DO think it suggests at least a small step towards a more "mature" outlook. It's certainly a more "nuanced" outlook, to realize that "Sometimes things go just the way I want them to, and sometimes I get exactly what I want"; life can be hard, but it's not ALWAYS hard.

I have an audition today for a kids show called "True Jackson, VP", then I'm doing my final stand-up class this evening (I THINK it's the final class - Then our "showcase" is a week from Wednesday), so this is feeling like a pretty "actor-y" day.

What else is going on with me...?

Had a GREAT workshop on Saturday, with the lead associate from the casting office that casts "The Closer" (An office I've never been to). You watch the show, don't you? Anyway, I did a scene from this past season, where "Brenda" gets a cross- country serial killer to confess to 16 murders, because she wants to keep him in California, while a rival officer from Texas wants him to be extradited back to Texas to be executed there.

It was a really juicy scene, and I was nervous, because I'd seen the episode, and the actor had been really good. And when I was going over it with my scene partner beforehand, it just wasn't happening.

But when we got into the room, it rocked (As I told another friend, "Any scene that ends with me screaming 'YOU CAN"T DO THIS TO ME!!!' is a winner in MY book...!"). It was exciting to get to do, and more to the point, I think I really HELPED myself, career wise - I think I'm almost guaranteed to be in that office before too long.

On the medical front, I'm having some discomfort that I'm finding...worrisome.

You know I had my hernia surgery toward the end of last year? Well, at first things seemed to be progressing nicely toward recovery, but then I started feeling more uncomfortable again.

I went back to the Dr (Back in June, I think it was), but he said the repair was fine. He didn't know what the problem could be, but if I wanted him to do an exploratory...? (I wasn't thrilled with THAT idea).

So I've been feeling discomfort in the same general vicinity, and more recently, a new pain, in my right inner thigh (That, to add insult to injury, flares up whenever I perform one of my "favorite activities", if you know what I'm saying), which is adding a new wrinkle to the proceedings. And I don't really know what to do, because I don't have insurance anymore (Back to Queenscare? If so, will they be up for paying for ANOTHER surgery? In this economic climate?).

I've had some extremely anxious days recently, to the point where I've wondered if anti-anxiety medication might actually do me some good. But insurance.

So I guess, for now, I'll have to use my giant brain to fight these attacks...from my giant brain.

Anyway, I just got a couple of emails that I want to check out, and it's probably about time to get my laundry out of the dryer, so I'm going to fly.

I eagerly await your next missive... :)



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